10 Most Awesomely Patriotic Games You Should Revisit This Fourth of July

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It’s time to bust out the old red, white and blue because we’re counting down the most awesomely patriotic games ever! These games make you proud to be a red-blooded American — even if you’re not.

And we’re not talking about all that run-of-the-mill, boring patriotism your Grandma thinks is so great. We’re talking about the most ludicrous, fist-pumping, over-the-top awesomeness that all true gamers should enjoy. So start up the grill, pop off some fireworks, and join us as we list 10 awesomely patriotic games you can (and should) play this Fourth of July.

#1: Medal of Honor (1999)

We’ve got to start with a true classic of the genre. Medal of Honor (1999) is one of the earliest WW2 games on consoles – it’s also the direct progenitor of the WW2 game boom that followed its release. There’s nothing better than taking the fight to everyone’s favorite bad guys – the Nazis, duh. Developed by Dreamworks Interactive, this was a true gem in the PS1 FPS era.

What makes it truly special is a story penned by director Stephen Spielberg. You can feel the adventure – one particularly awesome mission has you infiltrate a U-Boat, sink it, then blast the ballast for a temporary resurfacing. It’s got a hint of Indiana Jones adventure that makes this shooter more than an overly reverent story of soldierly sacrifice. It makes it totally awesome.

It’s also one of the early soundtracks provided by the amazing Michael Giacchino. This guy is awesome, and now he’s busy providing memorable music for every Pixar and Star Wars movie ever.

#2: Freedom Fighters

There’s nothing more American than revolution, and Freedom Fighters is all about draping yourself in old glory and defeating the oppressors. This time, it’s an alternate history where the Soviet Union continued to grow in power after WW2, eventually becoming strong enough to take over the continental United States – or at least the East Coast.

It’s a wildly unrealistic adventure, but it’s also totally awesome – thanks to a rousing orchestral soundtrack and the ability to command your loyal followers in epic third-person hit-and-run missions. The hero of the anti-Soviet resistance is called the Freedom Phantom. Come on, how can something like that NOT get on our list?