6 Things We Want to See in The Next Fable

6.) Improve it, but don’t change it completely

The photo above is Fable II because I think that game was an excellent successor.A lot of people really hated the third Fable and I dislike the game too. It stripped down so many socialization features we knew and loved. The sad part is that Legends seem to be stripping out more of the gameplay elements. The Fable wiki essentially called the prequel a dungeon crawler since it minimizes villager interaction, property ownership, and physical morphing due to alignment. There is a hub called Brightlodge where players can pick jobs and quests. Upon selection, they are immediately sent out to the world. From what it says, it looks like we are only restricted to that hub and the maps for the particular quest. What happened to walking from town to town?

I know I spent a chunk of this ranting about Fable Legends, but I sincerely hope that it’ll still be a Fable game devoted players will love that’s vastly improved from its predecessors.