The Best Crime Games For PlayStation 4


There are so many great stories to be told and showcased in video games. From titles made for little kids to a mature audience. If you’re after a game that features a life of crime or a protagonist that is on the hunt to solve a case, then we have you covered. Here are some of the best video games featuring a crime plot on the PlayStation 4. It’s tough to really rank these games so rather than looking at any game being better than the other, we suggest looking at this list of just some incredible games available for the platform. With that said, we want to know your favorite crime game on the PlayStation 4.

#10 Life is Strange 2

An interesting choice you might find here is Life is Strange 2. The franchise from Dontnod Entertainment focuses on a strong narrative-driven video game series. These are episodic season releases and Life is Strange 2 is a standalone installment that can be enjoyed without having to play the first game. We won’t spoil anything here as the game really relies on the story being unfolded for players but we will say that the game follows two brothers that have been falsely accused and its forced them to go on the run across the country in hopes of reaching Mexico. While the gameplay is mainly an adventure game full of exploration and solving puzzles, there is a key point in player choice. You’ll be able to select a series of choices that will alter the narrative and bring players to a series of different potential endings.

#9 This is the Police

This is the Police is a pretty unique game compared to the other titles on this list. Players are put into the shoes of a police chief in this narrative strategy game. With your retirement coming up, you have a goal of making as much money as possible before the end. In hopes of making at least $500,000 before retirement, players will be sending their officers to help out in a variety of areas such as emergency calls or alarms. Looking at the city map, you’ll be able to see how many units have been dispatched and to where. Of course, to make a bit of money you can also take bribes from other organizations not to send out any police to a certain call. It’s a struggle to keep your nose clean enough to not pick up any suspicion while also making sure that citizens are safe from harm.

#8 Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft brought out Watch Dogs 2 in 2016 as a means to deliver a new experience featuring the hacking group DedSec. This time around you’re taking the role of Marcus Holloway in San Francisco Bay. The game is a means to really improve on the foundation Ubisoft laid out with the original title. With that said, this game is certainly not the title where you can just go in and be a badass. You’ll need to really rely on stealth and hacking various devices.

This game be really challenging as well, it’s less of a means of going out and defeating enemies with brute force, but instead using your tools and gadgets to explore areas, plan, and execute in a way that draws little to no attention. There’s also a big open world for players to explore with activities to check off, though we’re likely going to see this improved upon even further with the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion. For now, if you haven’t dived into the franchise yet then Watch Dogs 2 could be a great starting point.

#7 Judgment

Judgment is a game that takes place in the same universe as the Yakuza series so if you’re familiar with the franchise then you can get an idea of some of the gameplay mechanics you’ll find in this game. Overall, Judgment follows a storyline of a lawyer that most have written off. To climb back on top and get redemption our protagonist Takayuki Yagami begins private detective work in order to investigate the believed corrupt Red Light Distract of Kamurocho. As you can imagine, from the developers behind Yakuza, this game features not only an over-the-top storyline, but a beat ‘em up style gameplay when you’re forced to throw fists at a thug that steps in your way. With that said, this is still a game focused around solving crimes rather than committing them.

This game has been pretty much well-received across the board though at the time of writing this description, Judgment is only available on the PlayStation 4 platform. We’re not sure if we will see this game get ported over to any other platforms as the title received some flack in Japan when one of the Japanese actors that was featured in the game was arrested for drug use. In fact, the game was pulled from shelves in Japan as the developers edited out the actor completely. This controversy could have resulted in the game being pulled from getting tweaked any further for other platforms but only time will tell. At the very least, PlayStation 4 players will be able to enjoy the game.

#6 Yakuza Kiwami

The Yakuza franchise has been around for years and there’s quite a few installments available. Jumping in at any given point may not be the most enticing thing for newcomers and certainly going back the original installments can feel quite dated. Thankfully, the franchise has been receiving remakes essentially with the Kiwami series. Yakuza Kiwami is the first installment for the Yakuza franchise giving players chance to enjoy this series for the first time ever or allowing veterans to join back into the fun with a new coat of paint along with some newer mechanics.

Overall, this franchise follows different Yakuza family organizations and players take the role of Kazuma Kiryu. After being falsely accused of killing a high ranking Yakuza member, Kiryu is stripped from the family and sent to prison. After serving his time, Kiryu begins a new quest to find out the responsible member who killed not only the high ranking member but a person that our protagonist looked up towards. It’s a game full of investigation and brawling with a variety of thugs. Speaking of brawling, the combat is over-the-top action which you’ll be doing a lot of whether during game missions or simply running into thugs during your exploration around the city. This is a perfect jumping point for the franchise.