The Outer Worlds: 20 Tips, Tricks & Secrets I Wish I Knew | Beginner’s Guide

Repair Guns With Parts (Or Bits At The General Store)

By breaking down weapons and armor, you can recover parts. Weapon parts or armor parts are valuable resources that let you repair your busted weapons / armor without spending cash. At a workbench, you can choose to repair your gear for a parts fee — just make sure to check if your items are actually experiencing any negative effects. Some gear doesn’t start losing power until it’s pretty worn!

If you’re out of scrap, you can always visit the town vendor and spend bits to repair your stuff. To earn weapon parts or armor parts, just breakdown stuff you don’t need or want.

Auto-Sell Junk At The Vendor – Press [X / Square]

Certain items in the game are only useful for one things — selling! All that junk can be sold instantly with a single button press. Just tap [X / Square] on console to instantly sell everything that’s just wasting space in your inventory. You can also quickly mark other items as junk to sell fast. It’s a much more convenient method.

Give Your Companion A Helmet (And Disable Helmets It In Settings)

In the inventory menu, scroll right to find your current assigned companion. You can equip extra gear to her — including weapons. You don’t need to give her ammo either. One annoyance is that if you equip a helmet, you can’t just take it off during conversations. It appears every time, so you might want to disable helmets in the Setting menu.

Look For Pristine Weapons — They’re More Valuable

Pristine weapons or armor are maked with a diamond symbol. They’re no better than standard weapons. They’re just worth more to vendors! They’re worth twice as many bits. Pristine Weapons are extremely rare, but you’ll want to watch out for them. Don’t breakdown these random weapons for scrap! Save them for selling.

Upgrade Dodge To 20+ To Unlock Leap To Reach Hidden Loot

The ‘Leap’ skill is one you might not realize you need. By upgrading to Dodge 20+, you’ll get the ability to leap forward, even while jumping. This allows you to jump much further than normal, and you’ll be able to reach platforming puzzle loot. There’s a crashed derelict ship just north of Edgewater with two crates you can only reach with the leap skill.

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