Code Vein: Easily Beat Every Boss With This Completely Broken Defense Build | Zweihander Fortification Guide

One of the best weapons in Code Vein just became a whole lot better. The Zweihander is a powerful two-handed sword you’ll find in the first half of the game — in the Ruined City Center. Once you get it, you’ll be able to keep it (and upgrade it) all the way until the end. It isn’t just an amazingly powerful weapon, it’s also got completely broken defense stats.

We made this discovery early, and now every boss is a complete joke. The trick is to only upgrade the Zweihander and transform it into the ‘Zweihander Fortification’, which makes your blocking skills even better. Once you’ve hit +10 Fortification, you’ll be able to block infinitely and tank even the most powerful bosses. Just draw attention as the tank, and your AI partner can kill every boss on their own. You won’t even have to lift a finger to win fight.

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The Best Defense Build | Zweihander Fortification +10 Guide

In the weapon shop at the home base, transform the weapon to improve specific properties. You’ll need to get Atlas Chrome to make the ‘Zweihander Fortification +10‘ — you can get Atlas Chrome from Yakumo. They cost trading points — so you’ll need to give Yakumo items that he likes.

  • Yakumo’s Favorite Gifts: Aged Brandy, Boutique Sake, Bugarally Doll, Pungent Cheese, Custom Gun Parts, Blood Bead Candy

Upgrading to the Zweihander can get you Defense: 100 Slash / Crush / Pierce. Basically, that covers every melee attack in the game.

To Upgrade The Zweihander, talk to Murasame and select ‘Transform Equipment – Transform Weapon’ and select the ‘Zweihander Fortification’ option. It costs 1 Atlas Chrome and 10,000 Haze.

Combine the Zweihander Fortification +10 with the Foulblood Barrier ability to make it even easier to tank hits. With the upgraded Zweihander, you can absorb every standard attack in the game. It only takes off a fraction of your stamina. Combine that with your Focus Meter refilling your Stamina, and you’ll be able to block forever.