Fortnite: Batman Crossover Event – All Challenge Locations [Map]

Gotham City has appeared in Fortnite — and you can don the cape and cowl for yourself in this new Bat-themed limited event. There’s a Catwoman (and two Batman skins) available as DLC, and a bunch of Easter eggs to discover throughout Gotham, where you can fly with Batman’s gliding cape to your vigilante heart’s content.

In addition to a new area and a bunch of customization, you’ll also find special challenges that are only available for a very limited time. To complete your ‘Welcome To Gotham’ challenges, you’ll need to locate three Bat Signals outside of Gotham City, and defuse three Joker Bombs in named locations. These items appear in multiple locations all over the map, but you can track down a few easy locations with the map below.

As if there wasn’t already an insane amount of crossover potential in Fortnite — earlier this year, Fortnite experienced interdimensional visits from Pennywise the Clown, the Demigorgon from Stranger Things, and Borderlands 3.

All Bat Signals & Joker Signals Challenge Locations [Map]

To complete the two challenges, you’ll need to find three Bat Signals and three Joker Canister Bombs. To activate / defuse them, you just need to interact for a moment. Check the locations marked on the map above — Bat Symbols for the Bat Signals, and Toxic Symbols for the Joker Cannister.

The Joker Bombs are usually planted on the ground in hidden spots around the map, while the Bat Signals are much easier to locate — they’re on hills outside the named locations.

Gotham City itself is an awesome location to explore. You’ll find the GCPD building with the Bat Signal at the top. You can also explore the abandoned Monarch Theater, where Batman’s parents were gunned down by a thief.

The WayneTech Building looms large over the city, and there’s even a suspicious chemical factory nearby. Might we be seeing more of Batman’s famous foes in the future? We’ll have to wait and see.