Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Get Poison Needle, A Sword That Can Instakill | Secret Recipes Guide

The Poison Needle is one of the best weapons in Dragon Quest Builders 2 — and it’s also very easy to miss. You can acquire the secret recipe on Furrowfield, the first island of the game that you travel to from the central hub. It’s dropped by a powerful monster. These optional boss monsters seem tough, so I don’t blame most players for simply running on by and avoiding them.

You’ll want to go back and fight if you haven’t already. The Poison Needle isn’t the most powerful weapon in the game, but it has two features that make it insanely useful, even into the end-game content. The Poison Needle has an absurdly high critical chance. You’ll get a critical hit every three or four attacks. Even better, the Poison Needle has a chance to instantly defeat any enemy you attack. That includes big bosses.

Below, I’ll explain exactly where to find this recipe and how to build it.

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How To Get Poison Needle, A Sword That Can Instakill | Secret Recipes Guide

The Poison Needle is a unique sword that gives you a small chance to instakill whatever you attack. This won’t work on major boss battles, but it does work on everything else — optional malicious enemies, giant monsters, and regular baddies. They’re all vulnerable to an instakill, and you can easily acquire the Poison Needle very early in the game.

Travel to ‘The Clifftop Cabin’ warpstone — this is the location where you’ll find Tomato Seeds. Underneath the clifftop cabin is a rocky cave with an arena cut into the rocks. The Illerpiller, a giant caterpillar, is waiting for you there.

Collect lots of food before fighting it, and you’ll eventually win. If you’re really having trouble, bring a bed so you can restore Malroth faster. When it’s defeated, you’ll learn the Poison Needle recipe.

To craft the Poison Needle, you only need Bramble, Night Soil, and Grass Fribre. Grass Fibre can be found from old grassy bushes and wilting vines. Brambles are located all over the bog, and Night Soil is found in pots located inside restrooms. Don’t worry, the game will eventually explain how to build a restroom if you complete all the villager requests.

Now you’re free to go on a rampage, instantly defeating everything in your path. You’ll get more powerful weapons later, but this is still handy for overwhelmingly difficult monsters.