Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gameplay E3 Footage Released

Dragon Quest Builders has been a popular title since it released and it been often compared to the much beloved Minecraft video game. The bigger difference between the two is that Dragon Quest Builders offers a bit more of a combat heavy gameplay. Today during E3 2019 press conference we got a look at some gameplay footage of the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2 which was already released within Japan’s marketplace. If you’ve been waiting on the sequel to release in Western markets then take a look at some gameplay footage to help hold you over.

Overall the same mechanics will be intact with the sequel but there will be some new additions. For instance, gamers can travel through means of flying or go underwater to gather materials. Additionally, a new fast travel feature will be present to help move your character around the in-game world. Overall, the game narrative follows a group known as the Children of Hargon who are looking to take out all the builders within the world. You take on the role of a builder that escaped and is looking to improve your building powers.

As mentioned, this game is already available within Japan but gamers in Western markets are able to pick up Dragon Quest Builders 2 on July 12, 2019, for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. If you have yet to play the original Dragon Quest Builders, the title is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch platforms in the Western markets.

Source: E3 Square Enix