Final Fantasy VII Gameplay Detailed During E3 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been highly anticipated since its announcement but since the video game remake reveal we didn’t get very much in terms of the gameplay aspect. Finally, during Square Enix E3 2019 press conference we got a nice long highlight of the gameplay and what gamers can expect for the combat. If you missed out on the E3 2019 press conference held by Square Enix then take a look at the above embed video to see it in action.

We knew Final Fantasy VII Remake was going to change things around in terms of the gameplay mechanics. Instead of the game being a traditional turn-based RPG experience, players were going to receive an action RPG experience where gamers can switch between the party members with a simple press of the button.

Some of the gameplay elements were still kept a secret, but we do know that players will still be able to add certain materials that will allow magical attacks. Furthermore, previous to the Square Enix press conference this year, it was unveiled that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be releasing completely on March 3, 2020. Likewise, this is a PlayStation 4 video game exclusive.

Source: E3 Square Enix