Top 10 New FPS Games Of 2020

2020 is going to be filled with plenty of video games both for current generation consoles and the upcoming platforms from Microsoft along with Sony. We’re already checking off the calendar for these exciting releases and if you’re looking to get a heads up on some great FPS then let us lend a hand. We’re marking down some of the best and most anticipated FPS titles coming down the pipeline. Likewise, we’re going to keep this article updated on the very latest so make sure to give this page a bookmark and check back for new titles added into the mix below.

#10 Read or Not

  • Developer: VOID Interactive
  • Publisher: VOID Interactive
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: Online
  • Competitive Multiplayer: Online

If you enjoy Rainbow Six Siege then you may find some interest in VOID Interactive’s Ready or Not. This is a tactical FPS in which players take the role of a swat team. The game is said to be geared towards realism with players having to defuse different hostile situations. Depending on the issue, you may have to use an assortment of items such as ballistic shields, door rams, to even tactical ladders. So far, the game is said to release in 2020, though details have been a bit scarce still on when we can actually get our hands on a copy of the game. With that said, it’s worth noting that the team has put in a ton of work by communicating with special police teams globally to get a better development process for ballistic penetration, ricochet, kevlar, among other dynamics that go into real-life situations.

#9 Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Developer: Infinity Ward, Raven Software
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: March 10, 2020
  • Co-op: Online
  • Competitive: Online

The battle royale genre continues to grow in popularity and over the years we’re seeing more and more franchises add a battle royale to their games. For instance, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was rumored to have a battle royale mode long before the game mode was announced and released. Also, the best part of this game mode is that it’s completely free. Fans can download the game and enjoy it right now and it’s proven to be quite popular.

Currently, the game offers either a team of three or solos. Players will ultimately drop into a large map and gather resources as they attempt to be the last man standing when the match comes to an end. Best of all, for those that don’t typically jump into battle royales over the quick deaths and having to start a whole new round, Warzone adds a second chance type element to the game. Depending on how many players are left, gamers that are taken out early in the game get sent to a 1v1 match where the winner is once again deployed back into the map.

#8 Deathloop

  • Developer: Arkane Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Platforms: PS5, PC
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: TBA
  • Competitive Multiplayer: Online

From the creators behind the Dishonored video game series comes Deathloop. Deathloop is a new IP featuring action-adventure gameplay. In this game players take the role of an expert assassin by the name of Colt. However, Colt has been stuck on an island where time is on a loop and the only way to stop the loop is to take out key individuals within the island. Using your array of weapons, stealth and parkour, Colt continues to find a way to eliminate the targets and end the loop.

However, also on the island is another highly skilled assassin named Julianna who only has one task, taking out Colt each and every loop. If you’re familiar with Doom Eternal then you’ll notice a similar feature in this game where a random player can join your game and take the role of Julianna. However, it’s worth mentioning that this feature is purely optional and can be turned off leaving an AI to take the role of Julianna.


  • Developer: Microids
  • Publisher: Microids
  • Platforms: PC, NS, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: TBA

Do you remember XIII? It was a cel-shaded video game title that was released on the PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox and GameCube platforms back in 2003. The video game title was a hit and grew a following though it left players with a cliffhanger with a sequel planned. That sequel never came to fruition but now years later we’re getting a remake. That remake was supposed to hit the market in November 2019 but has since pushed back to 2020.

Overall, players take on the role of a man who lost his memories. You are accused of murdering the President of the United States of America and since you don’t have any memories of the events leading prior, you embark on a journey to figure out what happened and potentially prove your innocence. 

#6 Valorant

  • Developer: Riot Games
  • Publisher: Riot Games
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: Online
  • Competitive Multiplayer: Online

Riot Games for several years has been known just for League of Legends and for good reason. They created a highly popular MOBA title in 2009 that’s still very much enjoyed today by gamers worldwide. However, the studio has since expressed their interest in diving into other genres such as developing a FPS. Since then we got Valorant, a FPS title that’s slated to release later this year, though it’s being enjoyed right now in closed beta. This particular game mixes the precise aiming from the likes of CSGO with the teamwork hero-based roster of Overwatch.

Players will have an assortment of heroes to choose from each with their own unique ability and attributes. You’ll need to work with your team to strategize against the opposing team. As a result, heroes can use their special abilities together such as creating a masked barrier to flank an area of the map. It’s proved to be quite the addicting game so far in closed beta though we’re still waiting to see just how it will handle when the title is freely available for everyone to enjoy.