Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Fight Crawmerax | Raid Guide

Crawmerax is back with a new form and a new difficult end-game raid exclusive to the ‘Commander Lilith and Fight for SanctuaryBorderlands 2 DLC. The massive raid boss that first appeared in a DLC expansion for Borderlands 1 continues to haunt the series, and he’s taken his most fearsome form here. You’ll need to arm up with three friends for even a chance at surviving against this unstoppable monster, but there are great rewards waiting for anyone that can manage to bring it down.

Currently, the ‘Commander Lilith’ DLC, which was announced and released at E3 2019, is totally free for early adopters. If you wait a month, you’ll lose out on the promotion, and the DLC costs a standard $15. The DLC is all about tying up loose ends and revisiting these old characters. You’ll even see plenty of familiar faces from the Borderlands Telltale series — including Vaughn, the nerd turned buff bandit sidekick of the story.

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How To Fight Crawmerax | Raid Guide

To unlock the extremely high-level raid and get the best possible loot in the game, you’ll first need to complete the ‘Commander Lilith’ DLC episode. After finishing the story and watching the credits, you’ll be able to complete more missions in the hub.

Complete some of the quests, and check the ground floor beneath Vaughn to find Sir Hammerlock — when he appears, he’ll give you the quest ‘A Most Cacophonous Lure‘. He’ll send you to the Burrows, where you can now access a new area called The Writhing Deep.

It leads to a large arena with sand dunes and raised rock platforms you’ll be able to use to fight the giant beast. Ride the lift up, and you’ll find four Eridium containers — you need to spend 5 Eridium for each to begin the fight. If you die, you’ll have to spend Eridium again to reset. That’s 20 total Eridium for each attempt.

Place all four Eridium cores and you can lure out the latest version of Crawmerax. This time, he’s called Haderax The Invincible, and he’s by far the most powerful enemy in the game. Defeating him will drop new rainbow tier loot, if you can last long enough and whittle this behemoth’s health down to zero.