Elder Scrolls: Blades – How To Farm For Gold Chests & Get Better Gear | Farming Guide

There are several different types of chests in Elder Scrolls: Blades, and by the law of phone games, all the good ones are set to a timer to unlock. If you play Blades normally, your inventory will get chock full of silver chests — which are basically useless. I mean, they’re not terrible, but they’re not nearly as good as gold chests. Wood chests are only good for materials, but they can be opened instantly, which makes them much, much better to farm.

I’m getting off track. Gold Chests give you the most bang for your F2P buck, and if you’re looking to improve your gear, there’s an easy way to farm for endless gold chests. This method is actually (slightly) similar to our other Elder Scrolls: Blades farming guide, but with a few important differences — once again, you’ll want to keep your chest inventory basically full to avoid clogging things up with annoying silver chests. Here’s how it works.

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How To Farm For Gold Chests & Get Better Gear | Farming Guide


To get an endless supply of Gold Chests, just replay the Abyss. In the Abyss, if you play far enough, you’re always guaranteed to get a Gold Chest.

Here’s how it works — make space so you only have ONE slot in your chest inventory. Enter the Abyss, and fight until you get a Wooden Chest. Keep this Wood Chest, and continue until you get the Silver Chest. With your inventory full, you can choose to discard the Silver Chest.

After discarding the Silver Chest, go ahead and open the Wood Chest. Now you have one space open for the Gold Chest — continue into the Abyss, get the Gold Chest, then exit the Abyss.

You can exit the Abyss at any time from the menu. Just open and tap ‘Exit’. You can also die, but you’ll have to pay more for repairs that way. If you simply exit, you won’t have to spend more gold on repairs than what you’ve (most likely) earned from adventuring.

With this method, you can always get a Gold Chest. If you continue even deeper into the Abyss, you can get a second Gold Chest — but that’s only useful if you’ve got plenty of space in your Chest Inventory.

Gold Chests take a LONG time to open, so the best method is this — do this daily. Enter the Abyss, fight down until you unlock a Gold Chest as a reward, then set the chest to open overnight. If you’re looking to beat the game F2P and don’t need to rush, this is a pretty good way to reap some high-tier rewards.