Elder Scrolls: Blades – How To Start Playing Early-Access | Pre-Registration Guide

Elder Scrolls: Blades is rolling out now. While the pint-sized version of a classic Elder Scrolls RPG won’t be available for everyone until later this year, some players are being sent invites already. If you’re quick, you can jump on the list and get an early invite yourself.

Bethesda has already started sending invites to players that registered for Early Access before March 25th. Invites are being sent in waves, so if you registered early, you might have to wait a little longer before your invite arrives. Invites to players that registered after March 25th will get invites in the next few weeks.

To get into the Early-Access game, you’ll need to preorder AND pre-register on the official Elder Scrolls: Blades website. Pre-ordering / Pre-registering on Android and iOS devices is different than pre-registering, so make sure to do both. The game is totally free, so there’s no harm grabbing it now.

Even if you’re late, Bethesda is sending out invites to everyone in the coming weeks. Even if you’ve signed up now, you can still get into the game early.


According to sources, Elder Scrolls: Blades will also be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

So what exactly is Elder Scrolls: Blades? According to Bethesda, it is a ‘fully-featured’ Elder Scrolls game that’s completely set in enclosed (but often very large) environments. You’ll equip gear, fight enemies, level up — you know, the basic stuff you do in every Elder Scrolls game. The big difference here is that you won’t be in an Open World environment.

And yes, there will be microtransactions. The base game is meant to be played singleplayer on any iOS / Android devices, with a focus on short 10-15 minute play sessions. That means you’ll be able to make meaningful progress without having to dump hours into a single session. Definitely a worthwhile change for a handheld, on-the-go version of Elder Scrolls. But we’ll have to wait and see what the final verdict is when it comes out for everyone.