My Time At Portia: How To Get (And Raise) A Horse | Stable Guide

Horses are a handy friend to have in My Time At Portia — these steady steeds let you move around the world at a much faster pace, and you’ll be able to harvest or talk to friends while you’re riding around. There are three types of horses you can acquire, and they’re only available after completing the stable in-town. Not only must you build a stable, you’ll also need to create your own stable at your workshop.

The complete guide above explains everything you need to know about horses and horse ownership in My Time At Portia. You’ll need to know a few things — specifically, how to get a horse, and how to build everything required to take care of your steed. You can rent or buy horses — and renting a horse gives you a fully maxed horse. It’s more expensive to buy your own horse, and you’ll need to take care of the horse to improve its stats. The guide above also explains how to take care of your horse, how to feed it, and more.

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There are three types of horses — a rental horse, a brown horse, and a white horse. They’re only available from McDonald’s ranch, near the Livestock store. Horses are rented for 500 gold per week, while permanent horses sell for 10,000 golds (brown) and 15,000 gold (white) — it’s a lot more expensive, but they’re valuable creatures to add to your workshop. Horses make moving around much, much faster naturally, even if they require some training.

On top of all that, you can also ride llamas. Unlike horses, you can find llamas in the wild and tame them. No horse is better than any other horse — permanent horses are just start with lower stats. You can train any horse, and they all have 100% equal potential.