Onimusha: Warlords Remastered – Decoder Box Locations & Solutions Guide

Who doesn’t love treasure? There are four locked treasure chests in Onimusha: Warlords, the new re-release of the samurai action-adventure. The remastered version includes widescreen support, new soundtrack, and handy new control schemes so you’re not stuck using the original game’s wonky tank controls. The change in controls is very welcome, but we’re not here to talk about how this game has been improved for a modern release on PC and current gen consoles. This is all about those Decoder Boxes.

Decoder Boxes are special chests that are generally located in a pretty central spot on the map. To open each chest, you’ll need to select the correct solutions — you can either search for note scraps, or just use this guide for the exact solutions. Each entry explains where to find the chest, how to solve the riddle, and what reward you’ll get. There are always Power Jewels and Magic Jewels inside, which are a pretty nice prize. Get cracking with the full guide below.

Decoder Box Locations & Solutions Guide

Decoder Boxes are special chests that can be opened by entering the correct riddle solution. There are only four chests, and each one awards you with a Power Jewel or a Magic Jewel.

  • Decoder #1:What Clan Has Been Subverted By The Demons?
    • Solution: 1st | 3rd | 6th
    • Location: In the South Area, near the magic mirror.
    • Reward: Power Jewel
  • Decoder #2: What Has Been Created To Defeat The Demons?
    • Solution: 6th | 1st | 4th
    • Location: Also in the South Area, by the dried mote magic mirror.
    • Reward: Power Jewel
  • Decoder #3: Where Do The Clan Of Ogres Meet?
    • Solution: 5th | 7th | 2nd
    • Location: This decoder is only obtainable by Kaede. It’s found by the West Area magic mirror, outside the puzzle door.
    • Reward: Magic Jewel
  • Decoder #4: What Has Been Fitted Into The Gauntlet?
    • Solution: 3rd | 6th
    • Location: The final box is in the East Area, through the waterfall and beside another magic mirror.
    • Reward: Magic Jewel

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