Travis Strikes Again: How To Unlock Bonus Majora’s Mask T-Shirts | Unlockables Guide

Travis Strikes Again pays homage to a host of classic video-games in the No Mores Heroes universe. That’s kind of what the game is all about — not just referencing popular retro games from the Nintendo library, but some awesome indie games too. A lot of the references come in the form of T-Shirt. As you progress through the game, Travis can earn money and purchase new customizable shirts from the store. Two very specific shirts can’t be unlocked this way, you’ll need to do something a little different.

I’ll explain in full below. It’s pretty straightforward. Travis Strikes Again is a little less simple — this is the third entry in the No More Heroes series, but this isn’t No More Heroes 3. The first two games were all about Travis Touchdown, a burnout that becomes an unbeatable assassin specifically to pick up girls. Travis’ goal? Become the #1 ranked assassin in the world, and to do that he has to hunt and defeat everyone above him. It’s a simple, straightforward premise that Travis Strikes Again bucks.

Instead of hunting an array of crazy killers, you’ll face off against Badman, father of the assassin Badgirl. Travis and Badman are sucked into magical console, and must play through homages of other awesome games. It’s kind of like the mini-games in No Mores Heroes 2, but a lot more complicated. Like other games in the series, this one is completely unpredictably weird.

How To Unlock Bonus Majora’s Mask T-Shirts | Unlockables Guide

There are two cool shirts you can unlock in Travis Strikes Again — both of them reference one of the most beloved (and weirdest) entries in the storied Legend of Zelda franchise.

  • Majora’s Mask T-Shirt Unlock:
    • Two Majora’s Mask T-Shirt becomes available after completing the main story. After beating the final boss, return to Travis’ room and check his closet.
    • You’ll find the two shirts there, free to equip.

Yes, that’s really it. Very simple, but still a pretty cool nod to a very unique game.

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