7 Video Games That Were Recalled Or Altered After Being Released

They say hindsight is 20/20 which is likely what these developers thought when they crafted up these video game titles. We’re going to showcase some of the video game titles which were either recalled or altered before being released or shortly after. Some of these games may have been simple mistakes to just poor decision making. At any rate, check out these video game titles and just why developers made the decision to tweak a few things.

#7 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

We’re sure that you’ve heard about the infamous Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas title. This game follows the franchise in terms of its controversy as each installment doesn’t avoid the criticisms due to the violence and nature of the game narratives. However, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released with a massive backlash when one mini-game was discovered. Apparently, Rockstar Games had developed a sexual relations mini-game for the main character and his in-game girlfriend of choice. However, prior to the game actually shipping out into the market, Rockstar Games decided against the use of the mini-game and removed it from being used.

Unfortunately for Rockstar Games, the PC version was modded to enable the mini-game and it took the internet by storm. Everyone knew about the title and adult mini-game featured within it which sparked outrage while news reporters had a field day covering the event. As a result, Rockstar Games quickly started to work on a patch while retailers were pulling the game from their shelves or replacing the Mature rating with a harsher Adult-Only rating. Likewise, Rockstar required a mandatory recall for all of the video games already sold but very few actually opted to return their video game title purchased especially knowing that the version would likely become more of a collectible down the road.

This title has since been brought back into the market with a patch that completely removes the mini-game with the online patch shutting the game down for anyone that attempts to bring it back out into the public. Regardless, there are still methods online that brought the mini-game back into action so it seems that the damage is not something could fully contain.

#6 Too Human

Too Human has an interesting story as it was a title that originally was set to release on the PlayStation in 1999 but didn’t actually make it out into the market until 2008 for the Xbox 360. This was developed under Silicon Knights and played as an action RPG with the narrative set in a futuristic Norse mythology world. While many would have written the game off due to its development hell status, when the title did release, it was set to be the first part of an epic trilogy. Overall, the critics online gave the title a mediocre score but it did leave an ending that may have brought the fans back in for a second installment.

That sequel was never in the works thanks to a large court battle. Without spending too much time into the fine details, Silicon Knights took Epic Games to court after claiming that their Unreal Engine 3 was not complete and that Epic Games was saving the full engine for their own video game releases. It didn’t take too long before Epic Games countersued and won the case after Silicon Knights were found breaching a contract and copyright infringement. As a result, Silicon Knights was forced to recall all of the copies of Too Human and remove the digital marketplace download.

Furthermore, it appears that this hit from Epic Games was too much and after the case ended Silicon Knights filed for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll get a sequel for Too Human anytime soon if ever.

#5 X-Men: Destiny

Going hand-in-hand with Too Human, Silicon Knights also released X-Men: Destiny, an action RPG where players go through the game making choices such as if they will join X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants. This title released in 2011 for the current generation platforms besides PC though when it did release, it was met with plenty of negative criticisms from critics. Again, like Too Human, this was a game that was eventually pulled from online and remaining copies in stores were recalled due to the court battle between Silicon Knights and Epic Games.

#4 Stadium Events

While not necessarily a recall, the first run of Stadium Events is considered one of the rarest video game titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You’ll easily find that a copy will run tens of thousands if you were to purchase one which means that it’s easily one of the most sought after video game titles of all time. Of course, it didn’t become that way until Stadium Events was rebranded by Nintendo. Originally, this game was developed by Human Entertainment and published under Bandai where the game followed four Olympic style sporting events using the NES Power Pad mat.

This game didn’t last very long before it was rebranded by Nintendo to a new name, World Class Track Meet. Unfortunately, there isn’t a number attached in regards to how many units released with the Stadium Events name, but most collectors agree that the run is quite small making it difficult to come by even at the time of when it first launched into the market.

#3 The Guy Game

The Guy Game is a puzzle trivia title with mini-games. Players who progress and answer the questions correctly would be rewarded with the women taking off their tops making it quite controversial at the time of release. However, the real big issue that resulted in a lawsuit and the title being pulled was from one of the females featured within the game. Apparently, one of the females within the game was revealed to only have been seventeen at the time making her underage. This resulted in the game being pulled from any other additional copies being sold.

#2 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda has a massive following and each game comes a number of players eagerly awaiting to get their copy. There are a few controversial moments from the game franchise, but one of the biggest changes came with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This game received a number of adjustments over the years after it released initially for various platforms such as the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo 3DS. For instance, there was a new sample made for the Fire Temple after it was discovered that the original audio had chanting of Islamic prayer. Likewise, there were changes to various designs like the Gerudo Symbol as many felt it closely resembled the Islamic emblem originally.

There were even controversies in terms of the advertisements made to hype the game up prior to launch. At one point Nintendo brought out a commercial which asks players if they were going to save the girl or simply play as one. This commercial was pulled and adjusted the text but Nintendo certainly had plenty of controversies with this particular game release.

#1 Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro was very close to being released which would have likely been recalled. The game was a follow-up title to Spider-Man which follows Peter Parker having to face against Electro in a new scheme threatening the lives of innocents. The final battle was set to take place on the World Trade Center where Electro ends up damaging the North Tower. This was just prior to the September 11 attacks, as a result, the development team scrapped the location and opted for a different generic building where it was released a few weeks later.