The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED]: All The Controls The Game Doesn’t Explain | Gameplay Guide

The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] is a puzzling little game. Selling itself as a remaster of an old-school classic, in reality the Eternal Castle is an entirely new game that’s meant to resemble retro classics like Prince of Persia or Out of This World. In other words, it’s a new cinematic platformer with modern graphic sensibilities and early 90’s style. That means it won’t provide much in the way of tutorials. You’ll be forced to learn everything through trial-and-error.

Interestingly, this game is actually a lot more complex than those other cinematic platformers. You can swap guns, perform special dodge rolls, and whip out a variety of melee attacks — including a plunging attack, a melee stun, and much more. The game really doesn’t explain any of these details, so to help you figure things out before delving into this short, death-filled adventure, we’re providing a full list of inputs for you.

As far as modern cinematic platformers go, you might want to give Limbo, Inside, or Little Nightmares a try. They’re all awesome, and worth playing to scratch that spooky itch.

All In-Game Controls & Actions | Gameplay Guide

Check below for a complete rundown of all the actions and keybinds available in the game. Many of these abilities aren’t explained, and can be difficult to recognize. Yes, you can complete the game without knowing many of these actions.

  • Movement / Interaction Controls:
    • Up / Jump: Up Arrow / Spacebar / W
    • Down / Crouch: Down Arrow / S
    • Left: Left Arrow / A
    • Right: Right Arrow / D
    • Action / Interact: Ctrl L / E / X / Enter / Left Mouse Button
    • Ranged Ready: Alt / Q / Z / Right Mouse Button
    • Sprint: Shift / C / Middle Mouse Button
    • Swap Weapon: Tab
    • Toggle Auto Walk: Capslock
  • Character Action / Shooting 
    • Shoot: Ranged Ready + Action
    • Aim At Distant Object: Ranged Ready + Up Arrow
  • Character Action / Jumping
    • Normal Forward Jump: Up Action + Forward
    • Long Forward Jump: (While Running) Jump
    • Rolling Landing: (While Falling) Down
    • Dodge Roll: (While Crouching) Stand + Crouch
  • Character Action / Melee Combat
    • Normal Attack: Action Button
    • Combo Attack: Action Button (Press Multiple Times)
    • Charge Attack: (While Running) Action
    • Melee Alternate Attack: (While Sprinting) Action
    • Drop Attack: (While Falling) Action
    • Block: Action (Hold) + Up
    • Move While In Melee: Action (Hold) + Move
    • Faster Movement While In Melee: Action (Hold) + Sprint
    • Stun Attack: Action (Hold) + Sprint + Forward Arrow

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