Saints Row 4 Cheats Guide

saints row 4

Some people like to play through games regularly, going through all the nooks and crannies by the strength of what is given to them. For all others, there’s cheats. Here’s some codes you can punch in for some experimentation in the world of Saints Row 4.

Note: Entering any of these codes will disable auto-saves and will render you unable to get achievements (until you load a clean save).

cheese – Simply gives you a wad of cash, $100k in your pockets. Once you activate it, you can activate it over and over again to get rich.

letsrock – This gives you a full suite of weapons. The weapons you get are random every time you activate the cheat.

goodygoody – Activate this code to get rid of all the heat you’re getting from cops or anything else that may be chasing you.

runfast – Your super-hero sprint is usually limited by a stamina bar, unless you punch this cheat in and toggle it on.

fryhole – Dead people will slowly rise to the heavens if you activate this code.

vroom – Once you activate this code, your vehicle may only take cosmetic damage.

isquishyou – If you punch this code in, you’ll be able to run over other vehicles in a tank-like way.

hohoho – Not your typical Santa ho-ho-ho, this cheat will replace all pedestrians with pimps and their product.

mascot – Activating this code will turn all pedestrians into various mascots and allows you to fight advertising on your own terms.