18 Best Steam Winter Sale Games Of 2018 You Can Grab For Less Than $18 Each

CrossCode$19.99 $14.99

An oddball Legend of Zelda-like with a deep story, throwing your silent protagonist onto a strange island modeled after a massive multiplayer online game. You’ll unlock companions, power-ups, and fight surprisingly challenging bosses. Even the dungeons are tricky, with maddening puzzles and a surprisingly long runtime. Give this game a look — if it looks up your alley, it might become an instant favorite.

Dusk$20.00 $16.66

Taking on the dark, rusty old-school aesthetic of Quake and improving it in every way possible. Dusk is a true successor to the Blood legacy. Wielding dual shotguns, you’ll blast your way through creepy farms and fight armies of filthy cultists. It looks like a real old-school FPS, and plays like one too. If you’re looking for a real successor to Doom (2016), this is your game.

The Messenger$19.99 $13.99

A tight sidescroller that surprisingly transports your ninja hero to two different console generations. Starting in the NES era, you’ll unlock a more advanced SNES-like version of the world, complete with backtracking and Metroid elements. It’s all stacked on some tight pixel graphics, great music, and that rush that comes from a game that’s consistently challenging without going too far.

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