18 Best Steam Winter Sale Games Of 2018 You Can Grab For Less Than $18 Each

Tis the season for gaming. The Steam Winter Sale is in full swing, and to help you pick the best (and cheapest) games around, we’re going down the list and selecting all the most awesome games you can grab right now for less than $18.

Because there are just too many great games to choose from, we’re limiting our selections to just games from 2018 — that’s right, here’s a whole bunch of recent stocking stuffers you can grab during the holiday season.

All the games listed below are on sale until January 2nd, 2019. That means you’ll have a whole week to decide. Even if it’s past Christmas, you can still give yourself the gift of gaming before the year is over. And there are plenty of games to choose from; whether they’re indie hits or AAA action games, there’s a wide variety represented here — strategy, RPG, action-adventure, open-world and much more.

18 Best Steam Winter Sale Games Of 2018 You Can Grab For Less Than $18 Each

Into the Breach$14.99 $10.04

An indie strategy wonder by the makers of FTL: Faster Than Light. One of the best little games of the year. Easy to play and difficult to master. The unique push-pull strategy system lets you see your enemy’s actions before they perform them. Your job it to string together the best series of tactical moves to save each randomly-generated map.

Jurassic World: Evolution$54.99 $13.74

One of the best deals on Steam right now, this previously full-priced park simulation game is a fraction of the price. Now you can build your own park, take care of hungry dinos, and try to make sure they stay in their cages so no unsuspecting tourists get chewed up.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2$29.99 $11.99

With no Left 4 Dead sequels on the horizon, indie developers have stepped up to the plate. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 improves on the formula with frenetic close-range team-based combat and frightening swarms of mutated rats. The graphics are gorgeous, and the action is appropriately grisly as you chop your war through hordes of Chaos-infected monsters.

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