The Most Expensive Video Game Collector’s Editions Ever Released

From full-size maps, statues and wearable items, developers have several ideas when it comes to crafting up their upcoming video game collector’s edition. There are even several different editions of the video game which provide more items to either show off and keep in the box for pristine condition. However, some collector’s editions can not only fetch a high price but end up being more valuable years later. In this article, we’re going to showcase the top ten most expensive video game collector’s editions to have ever released in the market.

These video game collector’s editions may just be pricey as a new item or they could have doubled in value due to the video game reception. We’re always on the lookout for new editions for video games and this article may prove that purchasing a new IP collector’s edition could be profitable in the long run. At any rate, here are the top ten most expensive collector’s editions to have ever released or grown in value.

#10 Crysis 2: Maximum Graphics Edition

With each Crysis video game installment, it appeared that the developers over at Crytek were pushing the visuals department in order for gamers to get a more jaw-dropping experience. As a result, when Crysis 2 was announced, the developers were well ahead of catering to the PC fan base. If you are able to open up your PC and tinker around with the components then chances are you would be able to replace the graphics card and with that, know if a particular graphics card would run at its full potential.

With the Crysis 2: Maximum Graphics Edition, gamers would receive the game with a Crysis 2 themed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti. This would allow gamers to run the game at max detail while also potentially upgrading the graphics card in your PC at the time. There are other deals today that offers a video game title with a purchase of a graphics card, but it would be neat to see this bundle come out for other big video game releases today.

#9 The Beatles Rock Band: Limited Edition Premium Bundle

Rock Band and other similar video game franchises may not be doing the best right now and some would say that trend had a big fallout. If the bottom really gave out, then the past installments are likely not going to rise in price anytime soon, but that’s not the case for at least one edition. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, Rock Band was a music rhythm video game where players used plastic instruments to mimic playing on a stage with thousands of fans cheering you own. This franchise peaked with several band tie-in video game expansions with one of them being The Beatles. Not only was The Beatles a massively popular band to begin with but with Rock Band being a medium to mimic playing as one of The Beatles members, this edition had no problem selling.

At the time The Beatles Rock Band: Limited Edition Premium Bundle was selling for around $200 and it offered vintage looking instruments with a game full of classics from The Beatles. Now fast forward several years and those who purchased a bundle may find their kit has doubled in value. There are sealed units online right now that are being offered for around $400 though you can still find some units that have sold for about $200.

#8 The Last of Us: The Post-Pandemic Edition

The Last of Us was one of the biggest video game releases on the PlayStation 3 and it continued to sell well on the PlayStation 4 when developers Naughty Dog remastered the title for the latest Sony console. This game follows an unlikely duo, Joe and Ellie, as they embark on a long journey across the United States after a plague has turned most of humanity into mindless zombie-like creatures. Going on to win countless awards, The Last of Us became a mega-hit with gamers eagerly awaiting the release of its sequel. Naughty Dog was also a big name developer which helped move units after its announcement but that also meant that this game was easily going to receive some type of a collector’s edition.

There were a couple editions available for the game though the one we’re looking at is the Post-Pandemic Edition which came with a copy of the game, a steelbook, The Last of Us American Dreams #1 Comic, a soundtrack, PlayStation 3 dynamic theme, PSN avatars, Survival DLC pack, and to top it all off, a 12” statue featuring the two main protagonists. At the time the edition would have cost you $150 which we’ve seen other collector’s editions sell new for more than that price. Here’s the real shocker, today if you were seeking a new sealed edition, then you will have to pay anywhere from $700 to over $1,000 according to the recently sold listings on eBay.

#7 Dark Souls 3: Prestige Edition

The Dark Souls series isn’t for everyone. There is a bit of skill involved when timing out attacks but if you enjoyed the franchise that FromSoftware crafted then when the third installment was finally announced and released back in 2016, you might have been interested in picking up a collector’s edition for the game. As a result, Dark Souls 3: Prestige Edition that cost gamers $800 brand new. This edition came with a game, a 40cm Lord of Cinder Resin figurine, 25cm Red Knight Figurine, collector’s box, metal case, three iron-on patches, cloth game map, a hardcover art book, and a soundtrack. At the time of covering this article, a recently sold listing on eBay reveals that the Lord of Cinder and the collector’s box alone will sell for around $500.

#6 Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition

Assassin’s Creed has a massive following and it’s no secret that fans are willing to throw out some money towards their favorite video game franchise. However, it was a bit much to open our wallets to one particular Assassin’s Creed collector’s edition. We’re referring to Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition which came to over $800. This was a limited edition that only had 999 available to consumers around the world.

Featured only on the Ubisoft store, this edition came with an assortment of items from the physical copy of a game, steelbooks, replica amulets, soundtrack, a collector statue, a hand-drawn map, along with digital content. While the edition of the game including quite a plethora of content, it’s still an extremely steep price to acquire a unit.