Top Holiday Gift Ideas For Nintendo Switch Platform

The holiday season is upon us. There is all sorts of great gifts to give gamers within your life but it can be overwhelming to know which titles or accessories to go for. It’s best to look at the collection and interest of the person you’re gifting but if you’re looking at a few gift ideas on a particular platform then let us lend a hand. In this particular list, we will showcase some highlights for Nintendo Switch platform. From the hardware available, accessories, video game exclusives and of course multiplatform video games, here is a few ideas that may be worth getting this season.

Battery Pack

The Nintendo Switch is moving units as gamers can enjoy their video games as a traditional home console when the system is docked. However, gamers can also enjoy video games on the go. If you’re going to find the Nintendo Switch being used mostly as a portable system then you may want to opt for a battery pack. Now, these come in a wide range of sizes and form factors. If you want to keep your system freely without any additional bulk then you might find portable battery packs that can be connected when extra juice is required to charge the system. However, you might want to pick up a battery pack that is attached to the unit as a case similar to the Mophie smartphone cases that come packed with a battery which kicks on when power is needed. With this extra accessory, gamers won’t be fighting the clock to enjoy some gameplay before having to stop for a recharge.

Travel Case

Speaking of traveling and using the Nintendo Switch as a portable device, you may want to keep it well protected with a travel case. Again, these cases come in a wide range of styles and form factors but we recommend a hard shell case that can keep your system protected for any nasty falls.

Gaming Earbuds or Headset

The Nintendo Switch is a portable device but you may want a few upgrades such as the speakers. Likewise, you might find yourself in a crowded area like the train or bus where you can zone out your surroundings and immerse yourself with a good set of earbuds that may be aimed for gameplay. Otherwise, you may want to look at headsets that are compatible with the device if you’re within the comfort of your home.

Online Service

Much like Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo is charging gamers a fee to enjoy various online features such as online multiplayer gameplay. However, unlike the Nintendo rivals, the service is only $20 a year so covering the fee will last the gamer a full year while also allowing the ability to use the system’s online services and features that are locked behind a paywall.

MicroSD Card

Most of the big name video games can be purchased physically but if more digital content is purchased then you will need a bigger memory card. The Nintendo Switch uses a MicroSD Card and as a result, you can purchase a card that will hold plenty of content without the need for fumbling through various cartridges.

Wireless Controller

Each Nintendo Switch comes with Joy-Cons which can be connected and play with the system in a portable mode or disconnected and used while the system docked. If you’re not fond of the controller then we suggest looking at a few different wireless options. Not only does Nintendo feature their own traditional controller but there are third-party controllers such as PowerA which may be a bit more comfortable to use.