Top Holiday Gift Ideas For PlayStation 4 Platform

The holiday season is upon us. There is all sorts of great gifts to give gamers within your life but it can be overwhelming to know which titles or accessories to go for. It’s best to look at the collection and interest of the person you’re gifting but if you’re looking at a few gift ideas on a particular platform then let us lend a hand. In this particular list, we will showcase some highlights for PlayStation 4 platform. From the hardware available, accessories, video game exclusives and of course multiplatform video games, here is a few ideas that may be worth getting this season.

PlayStation Plus

There are a few benefits of being a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Not only does this allow gamers to enjoy their favorite video games online with other players, but Sony offers players a few rewards. Each month subscribers would receive a couple video games completely free and they will retain the video games just as long as their subscription is active. Likewise, gamers can also receive a number of discounts within the official Sony store that are only available to the PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Charging Station

Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers, the DualShock 4 controllers for PlayStation 4 come with a rechargeable battery. While you can charge these controllers through the use of a USB cord that comes packed with the system, it may be best to think of a few other options to charge the controller. If you own multiple controllers then a charging dock may be worth the investment. This way a controller or two can be charging at all times allowing gamers a full battery when needed.


Have a few friends with PlayStation 4 consoles? Then you’ll want to keep in contact with a headset. There’s a wide range of different headsets available which may host an assortment of different features or designs. If the gamer you’re seeking gift ideas for doesn’t already have a headset then we recommend checking into purchasing one so they can keep in constant talk with their clan or friends.


The PlayStation 4 hardware comes with a few different hard drive storage capacities and while you may find a standard 500 GB HDD is suitable to hold games, you might be surprised. Video games as of late come with some really heft storage space requirements so you might find the use of an external HDD or a HDD internal upgrade may be required just to fit a few video game titles on the system.