Shenmue 1 & 2 HD: How To Unlock Duck Races & Get A Duck Pet | Secret Minigame Guide

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There’s never been a better time to revisit Shenmue 1 & 2, now that’s it’s available and perfectly functional for modern players on PC and console. There’s a plot that’s all about revenge, but the details are what really matters in Shenmue. Instead of playing like a standard action game, these open-ended life-simulation games are extremely slow-paced, mostly about exploring environments, talking to the locals, and following clues. Rarely, you’ll get into a kung-fu battle.

When you’re not investigating, you’ll need to earn money. There are some pretty absurd things you’ll do for cash — like dropping coins into a capsule toy machine, or punching a cave man until he falls down. You can gamble, or arm wrestle for big rewards.

The biggest reward of all is hidden in Shenmue 2. I’ve played through the game, and after all these years I finally discovered a totally secret, totally insane mini-game. The Duck Racing mini-game is completely crazy, and it’s infamous in Shenmue circles. If you’re returning to the game after years, you owe it to yourself to race ducks. Keep doing it, and you can even earn your own duck. Learn how to find this completely secret mini-game in the full guide below.

How To Unlock Duck Races & Get A Duck Pet | Secret Minigame Guide

To get a duck pet and race ducks, you’ll need to complete some secret tasks. Let’s break this guide up into two sections — how to race ducks (?!) and how to get a duck pet of your very own that you can race.

  • How To Unlock The Secret Duck Race Minigame
    • To begin Duck Racing, you need to unlock the Bronze and Silver medals.
    • You can earn medals after meeting both Izumi Takano and Eileen M. Edelweiss.
    • There are three ways you can earn the bronze medal:
      • Give the waitress in Lai Lai Eatery (Aberdeen) some money after the chase with Wong.
      • Win the “Roll It On Top” stand in Lucky Charm Qr five times in a row.
      • Collect it from the Vacant Lot in Green Market Qr.
    • Getting the Bronze Medal unlocks Street Fights in the Pine Game Arcade in the Golden Qr.
    • To get the Silver Medal, defeat both Izumi Takano and Eileen M. Edelweiss in the Street Fights mini-game in the Pine Game Arcade, in the Golden Qr.
    • After defeating Izumi, she’ll ask you to meet her at the Tomato Convenience Store in Golden Qr. Following that meeting, you can go to the Duck Races whenever you want.

Duck Races are a special event, and you can even gamble. To get a Duck of your own that you can race, you’ll need to get the Gold Medal.

  • How To Unlock Your Very Own Secret Duck Pet
    • To get your own duck pet, you need to win the Duck Races mini-game.
    • After winning once, you’ll get the Gold Medal. Now you can unlock a duck pet.
    • You need to attempt to catch leaves at the temple at least once. This is a story event, so you can’t miss it.
    • After attempting to catch leaves for the first time, you’ll need to return and try again with the Gold Medal in your inventory.
      • While catching leaves, you need to catch four leaves at the same time. That means, four leaves in a single grab. It’s insanely difficult, but possible.
      • After that, you’ll hear a “Quack” — and a feather will quickly fall from the tree. Grab the falling feather, too.
      • A scene follows, where Ryo notices the duck in the tree. Select “Catch” from the options that flash, and you’ll grab the duck as it falls.

The duck cutscene is hilarious and unfinished, but awesome. The entire Duck Racing minigame seems undercooked and incomplete, but included as a secret for crazy people to discover. Once you get your own duck, you can put him in the Duck Races to win even more money.

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