Phantom Doctrine: How To Unlock 2 Shots & 4 Moves | Extra Actions Guide

Phantom Doctrine, the Cold War spies-vs-conspiracy strategy game shares more than a few similarities with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Both games have a strategy layer and a tactical layer with turn-based combat and cover systems, but Phantom Doctrine breaks the rules when it comes to actions.

In XCOM, you move and shoot. Phantom Doctrine makes things more complicated. You start the game with two movement actions, and a fire action — they’re represented by two blue dots, and an orange dot. Essentially, it works pretty much exactly like XCOM. Things start to change once you unlock the Body Engineering Workshop, a laboratory where your can beef up your Cabal agents with genetic upgrades.

The best chemical cocktails can give you even more movement and fire actions. You can boost yourself up and move four time, or shoot twice — and it isn’t always clear how to actually make this happen. I’ll explain in the full guide below.

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How To Unlock 2 Shots & 4 Moves | Extra Actions Guide


As you progress in the main campaign, you’ll eventually be able to construct the Body Engineering facility through the Workshop Upgrades. The Body Engineering facility is a lab where you can inject your agents with different chemicals to enhance their abilities. You can improve their skills, movement speed, and maximum HP with a single injection.

  • NOTE: After unlocking Body Engineering, you will unlock new chemical compounds at random. Complete missions and find / contact more informers to unlock compounds faster.

And you can earn more attack actions and movement actions per turn. That’s where things get a little trickier. When using the Body Engineering facility, you must inject certain chemicals before you can inject certain other chemicals. It gets complicated fast.

So, how do you increase the amount of Fire Points and Action Points your agents have? You have to increase their Circulatory stat to 150. If you increase to 200 Circulatory, you can even get 3 Fire Points!

  • Take Compounds In This Order: THG -> AMPEA -> EPO -> DXAMPEA -> Danazol -> TST -> Anadrol -> BMA -> DHEA ->Bolasterone -> Bolandiol -> Cyclofenil

You should inject an agent with a base Circulatory of 61-65, any lower and they might not be able to get at least 2 FP and 4 AP.

It should also be noted that many of these drugs will appear to give your agent worse stats. You need to take the hit and make your agent worse so you can unlock other drugs you can use. This happens multiple times, so just keep going. At the end of the treatments, your agent will be much better.

You might also lose some movement range. Your total movement range will decrease, but your actions will increase, which usually balances out — give your agent the Sprinter perk and they’ll gain even more movement range than normal, thanks to their multiple actions per turn.

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