Check Out First Gameplay Preview Footage For Unavowed

If you enjoy the point-and-click adventure titles then chances are you’re fully aware of Wadjeteye Games. The development studio had previously released the Blackwell franchise, The Shivah and their latest upcoming release is Unavowed.

The video game is very much done in the same overall style and gameplay mechanics as the old school point-and-click adventure titles.

Within the game players will step into the shoes of a character who was possessed by a demon.

Right from the start, players will get a few choices on their character and backstory. However, at the root of it all the protagonist is left in a world where they no longer have friends or a home and they have become a member on the most wanted list for the police.

Luckily you can get a fresh start as a member of the Unavowed where you’ll step into a new role of stopping evil from harming the innocent. As mentioned, there are choices within the game that start from your origin story among other decisions that will create a branching storyline.

Currently, the game is set to unlock on Steam this August 8, 2018, but we got the chance to play and showcase some of the beginning storylines. Take a look at the quick preview video posted right above.