Semblance: How To Find All 8 Secret Shrines | ‘Spiritual Fervor’ Guide

Semblance is an interesting little indie platformer that pushes the genre into new territory thanks to deformable levels that you can change. You’ll be able to squish platforms, and yourself, to solve puzzles and disinfect the minimalist world. It’s a charming little game, and one that’s worth exploring if you’re all about these types of games.

But this isn’t a review. Here, we’re going to help you find eight secret shrines and unlock the ‘Spiritual Fervor’ achievement. Some of these, you should be able to find without a problem — others are a whole lot more difficult. Let’s go over the locations in the quick text guide below, so you can 100% Semblance without too much fuss.

How To Find All 8 Secret Shrines | ‘Spiritual Fervor’ Guide


There are a total of 8 secret shrines in three worlds — Cuddly World, Swampy World, and Snowy World. Each hub has access to different sets of levels.

Cuddly World

  • Shrine #1: 2nd Level – After the first puzzle, drop into the hole and travel left in the passage. Ground pound to break through the floor, then jump-dash over the spikes to reach the shrine.
  • Shrine #2: 4rth Level –  Before the very first puzzle, climb the squiggly wall. At the top, jump-dash left to reach the shrine.
  • Shrine #3: Last Level – At the final set of levels, reach the fourth puzzle. At the top of the platform with the lasers, jump and dash up through a platform. In the next room, avoid the spikes to reach the shrine.

Swampy World

  • Shrine #4: 3rd Level – In the level that introduces the trampoline-like platforms, ground-pound the very first one until you’re launched up into the sky. Go left as you’re launched to fly just under the ceiling, then dash up and right to get on top. From here, dash-jump left to reach the shrine.
  • Shrine #5: 4rth Level – At the second puzzle, find a red laser pointer. Make sure it is aiming almost directly upward. Ground pound until you’re launched up and (slightly) right, then dash up through the platform. Jump-dash left to reach the shrine.
  • Shrine #6: Last Level – There’s a hidden area right at the start of the final set of levels. Go to the hidden area to the left, then ground-pound the platform that’s sticking up out of the floor. That will release a red beam. Ignore it for now, and continue on to the third level in this set. Continue until you find a thick platform you can trampoline off of that leads to a blue platform — wait for the red beam to float over, launch up to the blue platform, and then jump right to reach the shrine.

Snowy World

  • Shrine #7: 2nd Level – At the fifth puzzle in the level, open the door to the orb. See the spikes? There’s a tiny, narrow space. Stay as a tall, skinny shape and fall through that hole to reach the shrine.
  • Shrine #8: Last Level – In the second puzzle, reach the platform above the orb, then jump up and dash to reach a hidden platform. Keep following this path, jumping up, until you reach the shrine. You’ll need to stay in skinny form.

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