Vampyr: How To Earn Infinite XP | Unlimited XP Cheat Code Guide

It isn’t often you get cheat codes in modern games. The best we can usually hope for are console commands, baked into the game by the game’s creators during development. It looks like Dontnod Entertainment, the developers of Vampyr, included a totally intentional cheat code in their game, and you can use it — even on the PS4 or Xbox One. It just requires a little external hardware.

We’ll explain everything you need in the cheat code guide below. This code essentially gives you unlimited XP — a truly insane amount, too. This makes the game much, much easier. If you’ve been struggling and want an easier time without having to drink the blood of all those friendly NPCs, this is the best solution — but I recommend waiting until a second playthrough, or if you want to make unlocking the ‘Not Even Once’ achievement / trophy a lot easier.

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How To Earn Infinite XP | Unlimited XP Cheat Code Guide


To input the unlimited XP cheat code, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Plug in an external keyboard to your PS4 / Xbox One. 

To learn more about plugging in an external keyboard, check out guides here: PS4 | XBO

After plugging in your keyboard, travel to a hideout and sleep in a bed. While in the evolution menu, go to one of the skill upgrade sub-menus and hold down O + P. While you hold those keys down, your XP will continue to increase.

As long as you hold down those keys, you’ll earn free XP. Yes, this really works, and it’s completely insane. If you want to break the game and make everything super, super easy, this is the best method.