Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech has long been an innovator of peripheral architectures and technologies. Last year’s G603 wireless gaming mouse, for example, destroyed the stereotype that the lack of a cord meant a sacrifice in performance. Its battery life, versatility, and high responsiveness made it our favorite mouse of 2017. Logitech has now released the G305, a wireless mouse packed with many of the same, great features, but designed with a tighter focus toward appealing to gamers.

What’s initially striking about the G305 is just how light it is. It weighs a mere 99 grams with its single AA battery, compared to the 135.7 grams of the G603 and its two AA batteries. The mouse is notably slimmer, as well, allowing my hand to comfortably envelope its frame rather than feel like it’s resting on an incline. That combination of weight and size made the G305 glide across the mouse pad all the more easily. As someone with smaller to average hands, the G305 has the perfect dimensions for serious gaming.

Recent gaming mice have practically earned a stereotype for being conspicuous, all sharp edges and bright lights. The G305 is subdued by comparison, and it’s a quality I’ve grown to appreciate. That said, it still has enough gentle curves to not be mistaken for an office mouse. In lieu of an assault of colors, the G305 is composed of matte black plastic that is simultaneously sturdy and hides fingerprints well.

The G305 features the standard array of six configurable buttons: back, forward, left click, right click, middle mouse, and DPI switch. The scroll wheel is tight and precise. It operates less loosely than the wheels of other mice I’ve recently tested, resulting in more consistent scrolling. Below the wheel is the DPI switch button. Pressing it progressively cycles through up to five customizable sensitivity levels, from 200 all the way up to 12,000 DPI. A small LED temporarily lights up to indicate the selected setting.

As good as the mouse feels to hold, the underlying hardware is what really sets it above the competition. The G305 is powered by Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and HERO (High Efficiency Rating Optical) sensor. LIGHTSPEED provides a 1ms report rate using the mouse’s performance mode. Meanwhile, the HERO sensor keeps the mouse operating for days on end. A single AA battery, located beneath the palm rest, provides 250 hours of operation. But if you’re just browsing the web, the 8ms endurance mode increases the battery’s lifespan by up to nine months. I have little reason to doubt those numbers, as my G603 has been left on since September and is still going strong. Better still, the G305 doesn’t idly suck energy. If it doesn’t detect activity, it puts itself into a low-power state. I never noticed much any significant delay when bringing it back to life, either, so don’t feel bad if you – like I often did – forget to turn it off.

Thanks to the aforementioned technologies, gaming performance is exceptional. Every click and swipe of mine were responsive and accurate. No perceptible delay could be detected at all. I found myself being able to track targets and respond to threats a bit faster due to the G305’s wonderfully light body. It’s become the mouse I reach for when I want to play competitively.

Logitech’s Gaming Software application continues to excel, as well. Its graphical interface is clean and intuitive. Battery status is prominently displayed at the stop of the screen. And it couldn’t be easier to adjust button assignments, DPI sensitivity levels, polling rate, and power mode settings and save them to the mouse’s onboard memory. Unlike the G603 with its underside button, however, the G305’s power mode can only be changed within the Logitech software.

The G305 is an incredible, high performing gaming mouse that continues Logitech’s trend of smashing expectations regarding wireless technology and performance. It doesn’t replace the G603 but serves as an excellent alternative for those that don’t require Bluetooth support and want a lighter, smaller form factor. If you’re looking to cut the cord and still play at your best, look no further than the G305.

Full Disclosure: Logitech provided a sample for review. The Logitech G305 currently retails for $59.99.