20 SHAMELESS COPYCAT Game Consoles You Didn’t Know Existed

You’re likely familiar with the big three in terms of video game consoles. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are often competing to deliver a fantastic game console experience for gamers all over the world. However, with each successful console launch are a slew of knockoff clones that manufacturers attempt to make a quick buck on.

Most of these consoles are clear rip-offs in design but oftentimes are completely under powered or poorly made. One clear sign is also the price because you’re clearly going to get what you pay for with these consoles.

However, there may be some consoles into this mix that you might have completely missed out on that was developed in order to compete against the bigger manufacturers. For instance, the Gizmondo, while a failure, was a portable handheld that actually had pretty big developers working on video game titles such as a port to Halo: Combat Evolved.

Without further ado, here are some of the biggest knockoffs and unheard of video game consoles that have launched into the market.

#20 Ouye

The Ouye is a console that rips off both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One aesthetically. However, the game console is essentially an Android device that is supposedly more powerful than the Ouya. Likewise, apparently, the console went on sale for $70 though we expect the manufacturers are hoping parents stumble upon the console and pick it up for their kids simply because of the similar design of the latest generation consoles.

#19 WU

The Nintendo Wii didn’t have any shortage of clones and the Wu is just one of the many devices launched into the knock off-market. Not too many details are out there online regarding the console, but it seems that these games came in packs which advertised certain games and peripherals. One of which is called the Sports Pack Wu and it came with peripherals resembling a tennis racket, golf club, and a baseball bat.