10 Best Controller Accessories Under $50

If you’re looking to get a better edge on the competition or simply seeking to enhance your gameplay experience, we have a few suggestions below. In our list, we’ve compiled ten perfect controller accessories that can be had for under $50. These picks can help in several areas such as keeping your controller fully charged or protected. Take a look at our list below along with links to products we suggest.

Top 10 Best Controller Accessories Under $50
Audio controller adapter PS4

With an audio controller adapter, players are given more control of their headset and microphone. The adapter connects to your DualShock 4 and from there you can connect the headset. The new options grant players with the ability to mute the microphone along with adjusting the audio volume.


Chatpads were popular for the last generation consoles such as the Xbox 360. These devices connect to the controller and offer a full QWERTY keyboard for gamers to use in order to send out messages to friends. While the norm for gamers today is using a headset, if you’re looking to send out messages a bit easier than using the on-screen keyboard then you can’t go wrong with a chatpad.

Controller charger docs

How many times have you tried to find spare batteries or your USB charging cable just to keep playing? It's frustrating but luckily there are charging docks. If you have yet to use one then you're really missing out.

These docks typically charge two controllers at once and serve as a great means to store your controllers. Simply toss your controllers into the dock and you'll be good to go next time you decided to game.

Controller grips

Controller grips are one of the more practical controller accessories you’d likely want to pick up. The grip normally covers the entire controller and offers a more slip resistant material. Now when you’re battling a tough boss or going on a long online game session, your sweaty palms won’t interfere with keeping a strong grip.

Custom Grips & Trigger Lock

If you game competitively then you’ll likely look into better controllers than the standard controllers sent with the standard PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. However, going this route will mean shelling out quite a bit of money. Luckily, there is an alternative with various grip and trigger lock products. Not only will you get a better overall grip on the controller but the trigger locks will allow for an overall faster trigger response.

Joy-Con Charging Dock

As mentioned before, docks are a fantastic item to get a controller accessory. They keep your controller charged and ready to go. If you own the Nintendo Switch then chances are you may have dealt with a dead Joy-Con especially if you have other gamers in the household or if you own multiple Joy-Cons. We suggest getting a charging dock for these devices as oftentimes they will charge multiple Joy-Cons.


Headsets are popular but most may not offer the best of both worlds in terms of audio and microphone quality. If you’re looking to use your premium headphones while gaming online then you’ll want to take a look at Modmic. The Modmic is a microphone that can connect to any headphone, effectively turning them into a premium headset. While the Modmic can sometimes go over our budget noted in the title, you can oftentimes find it on sale.

Nintendo Switch Grip

The Nintendo Switch is a massive hit but it can feel a bit hard to hold sometimes. Not only can the console hybrid feel a bit fragile but after playing it portably for a long duration of time, it can become a bit of a strain. The Nintendo Switch Grip slides over the console and Joy-Cons in order to give a more ergonomic feel along with a bit more added protection. 

Thumbstick Grip

Thumbstick Grips are a great cheap controller accessory. You may have noticed your thumbsticks on your controller to be in poor shape. After countless gaming sessions, the rubber caps will begin to wear down or break completely. If you’re simply looking to keep your controller in a nicer condition or if your analog thumbstick is worn down then we suggest Thumbstick Grips. They are often sold in packs cheap online or you can opt for some of the more premium options.

USB Extender

This one goes right along with the charging docks but if you're looking for a cheap alternative to a dock then we suggest a USB extender. This will greatly increase the length of your standard charging cable allowing players to sit comfortably while they continue to play a game.