Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Dueling Tips

A brand new Harry Potter video game has recently hit the mobile marketplaces called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. If you’re hoping to star as the boy who lived or fight alongside him in any way then you’re going to be disappointed. This particular tale will take place prior to the Harry Potter novels.

Within this RPG players star as a customized protagonist who is attending Hogwarts for his first year. During the narrative, we learn that the player’s brother was expelled after some wrongdoings in Hogwarts. Unfortunately, this mysterious brother was never heard of again leaving it a mystery for players to uncover while they survive the time at Hogwarts.

If you have yet to try the game out then you can download a copy of the game for free on both the Google Play Marketplace and Apple’s iOS App Store.

As you could probably have expected, the new Harry Potter mobile game will feature duels. These duels are relatively straightforward but there are a few tips that we can offer before you step up to the plate.

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How To Duel

For starters, duels will appear with characters that have wands making an X symbol near them. When you trigger the duel, there is a bit of a chance game that comes into play. Players must pick one of three choices.


  • Sneak Attack
  • Aggressive Attack
  • Defend

Essentially, Sneak Attack will defeat Defend, Aggressive Attack will defeat Sneak Attack and lastly, Defend will defeat Aggressive Attack.

Keep track of your opponent and successfully select the appropriate attacks made mentioned above.

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