Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – How To Earn Free Energy

A brand new Harry Potter video game has recently hit the mobile marketplaces called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. If you’re hoping to star as the boy who lived or fight alongside him in any way then you’re going to be disappointed. This particular tale will take place prior to the Harry Potter novels.

Within this RPG players star as a customized protagonist who is attending Hogwarts for his first year. During the narrative, we learn that the player’s brother was expelled after some wrongdoings in Hogwarts. Unfortunately, this mysterious brother was never heard of again leaving it a mystery for players to uncover while they survive the time at Hogwarts.

If you have yet to try the game out then you can download a copy of the game for free on both the Google Play Marketplace and Apple’s iOS App Store.

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One of the more frustrating parts of mobile gaming is that often times developers will limit what players can do before they are asked to spend a bit of money. It’s easy losing how much money you’re spending on these games so we understand that players may be looking for a means of gaining energy for free in the latest Harry Potter mobile game.

Luckily for you, there are a few different options. For starters, energy can replenish simply by waiting for the meter to recharge. That will mean sitting the game down when you’re likely wanting to continue on with the narrative.

Another means of gaining energy is by going after certain objects that give away energy.

Free Energy Locations
  • House Elves
    • Note: House Elves will tell players what to do in order to gain free energy rather than handing out energy.
  • Stick from Castle Grounds
  • Initial blank portrait in East Towers
  • Books near the bench in Lower East Floor
  • Wall torch right of Great Hall in Lower West Floor
  • The second portrait within West Towers

Note: Each item has a six-hour cooldown before players are able to gain more energy.

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