20 Gamers Who Were Humiliated For Cheating

It can be frustrating to log online and try to enjoy a fair video game match but early into the match its clear that an opponent is using software for an unfair advantage. There are gamers worldwide who will look to get aimbots, cheats and hacks that will ultimately allow for quick wins. Thankfully, developers will usually deliver a quick means to prevent cheaters from ruining the game for others. Here are twenty times that developers stopped cheaters.

#20 Monster Hunter 3

Capcom took cheating seriously with Monster Hunter 3. Within Japan, there was a slew of gamers who were caught and temporarily banned for using hacked data to connect online. A message alerted that the gamer would be banned until December 12, 9999. Luckily, this is just a temporary ban because the message did alert that gamers who were caught again would lose complete access to connect online. You just have to survive a few thousand years in order to try it out.

#19 Fifa - Anthony Clark

Some games can go a bit overboard with in-game currency leaving players shelling out real currency to buy virtual goods with their newly acquired virtual currency. Anthony Clark found a means to farm the Fifa in-game currency illegally with a bit of coding. With the help of two other individuals, the group was able to simulate thousands of Fifa game matches in order to rack up $16 million worth of in-game currency.

With the virtual currency, the group took online and began to sell the funds. This went on for a couple years when the FBI raided Anthony who was later found guilty of fraud by a jury. Avoiding jail, Anthony was fined $1.5 million by prosecutors who was also seeking forfeiture of assets which included his $840,000 house, $6 million within different bank accounts and two vehicles.

#18 Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption online made shootouts with players fun though there were some gamers who took to using additional cheats. Once enough complaints were gathered up against a specific player, the development studio Rockstar would label the gamer as a Player Killer. This would come with an icon that labeled you among all the other players online and the game NPC law enforcers would constantly seek you out.

#17 Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto V was an instant phenomenon with gamers quickly flocking to the market in order to get their copy. Shortly after launch was the release of Grand Theft Auto Online which acted as an online campaign filled with game modes for players to go through together. However, the game did require players to purchase different vehicles and mods, among other virtual goods, with the in-game currency they earn or purchase.

However, some cheaters managed to find a way to bring over some of the supped up vehicles from the singleplayer campaign. When Rockstar got wind of the situation, they programmed the game to blow up those selected cars as soon as a player entered the vehicle.

#16 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - D1ABLO

There’s nothing really all that strange for players sharing accounts in order to play a video game. However, it became a big problem during a league competition for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The team involved was FatGames who was in need of a teammate replacement, however, due to the league rules, FatGames were unable to bring on their chosen replacement.

Because the league requires players to have an account for a specific amount of time before the player can compete, FatGames opted to swindle their way around the rules set. The new player named D1ablo had taken control of the account details of the player he was replacing. However, when the competition found out about it, both accounts were banned for six months along with taking off points from FatGamers.

#15 Guild Wars 2 - Darkside

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG and like most MMORPG’s, there are some PVP elements to deal with. However, one player took it a bit too far. Darkside became infamous as he was well overpowered with the help of a program to increase speed and power along with teleportation through structures. As a result, Darkside wreaked havoc on other players until the development team took control.

Developers had stripped the avatar from all its gear, climbed to the tallest building within the game, waved goodbye and made the avatar leap to its death. Developers recorded the entire bit and released it online to show what would happen to other players who were caught cheating like Darkside. If you’re wondering about the account, Darkside’s owner account along with all its other characters created have been permanently banned.

#14 Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go released and quickly became an addiction for gamers old and young alike. As players went out to go catch Pokemon and battle in gyms, there were others who took control while in the comfort of their home. GPS spoofing was a means in which gamers could dictate where they were located at within the world. That ultimately allowed players to jump into the game and go to any gym or areas to catch Pokemon.

Of course, it didn’t take long before developers took notice and completely banned the accounts from enjoying the game. Though there are still means of enjoying the game while GPS spoofing players are likely taking notice of the risk in potentially losing their entire progress.

#13 H1Z1

H1Z1 became a popular video game once it launched, but the success of the online MMO game brought over thousands of cheaters. Developers decided that there would be a public shame attached to these cheaters by not just banning their accounts but requiring public apologies before they could gain access to the account again.

#12 Gears of War 2

For completionists, trophies and gamerscores are crucial. This is a means to showcase that they went through a video game and completed everything the developer included in the title. With that said, there are some cheaters who fudge the scores and trophies without putting in the work. When Gears of War 2 released, a group of cheaters found a hack that would allow them to unlock all the achievements instantly.

Microsoft was able to find all the cheaters who performed the hack and managed to completely reset their gamerscore forcing players to go back and redo several games to claim those achievements once again.

#11 Overwatch - Kid X

Kid x was a notable Overwatch player as he hit the top 200 player rank within Korea. However, what helped Kid x get to the level that he obtained is aimbots. With the help of an aimbot, the cheating program would aim for the player so that kills would be easier to obtain. Of course, this is cheating and the developers put a stop to it. During an Overwatch livestream Kid x was caught using the aimbot resulting in a permanent ban mid-match.

#10 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - KQLY and SF

I’m not sure why so many people find the enjoyment from aimbots. Instead of putting the time in to get better at a video game, some players opt to use a program that would automatically aim at the opposing players making it easy to rack up kills. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, professional players KQLY and SF were caught using aimbots in 2014. Not only were they banned from the game but their teams had the players kicked off, tarnishing their names from the online community.

#9 League of Legends - 2012 Max Fixing

MLG tournaments are a big deal. Not only are there massive crowds watching their favorite teams of players battle it out but there is some serious prize money to be won. As a result, players should be preparing for their best bouts but during the 2012 MLG summer championship event, it seems that we got anything but a strategically well-played match.

Apparently, two teams known as Dignitas and Curse had met up prior to the event and agreed to split the prize money of $20,000. While not necessarily throwing the game completely, the two teams opted to pick random characters and met in the middle lane to duke it out during a League of Legends match. This resulted in quite the controversy online which ended in the two teams being disqualified.

#8 Sudden Attack

Sudden Attack is a popular MMO game within Japan that has seen its fair share of cheaters. However, three cheaters from the ages of 17 to 18 were caught and was not just banned from the game but slapped with an online fraud lawsuit. Apparently, these players were using cheats that allowed their character go out of the level and see opposing players roaming around the game. They could then clip in and take the kill seamlessly along with a few other hacks that allowed for an overall miserable time for honest players trying to enjoy the game.

#7 Banjo Kazooie

Cheaters were even getting caught and punished back in the Nintendo 64 days. Banjo-Kazooie had an interesting little safety measure for players who entered too many cheats into the game. While the gamer would receive a notice when using a cheat, once the third cheat was added into the game the main antagonist Gruntilda would appear and alert the player that their game pak save would be erased.

#6 The Witcher 3

Gamers who enjoyed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt quickly discovered a means to farm money quickly. Thanks to harvesting pearls from clams and skinning cows for rawhide, players could earn a big profit with ease, but that also grabbed the attention of the development team.

When the first expansion for the game released, Hearts of Stone, developers added a new NPC known as the Deputy Tax Enumerator Walthemor Mitty who will stop Geralt. The character would state that players were exploiting and will demand that they pay some hefty in-game fees. Luckily, gamers do have the final say and avoid paying the fee’s but it’s interesting to see how the developers took the opportunity to at least poke fun of the farming method players.

#5 Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers is a pretty famous supposed cheater who has claimed a number of records on Twin Galaxies scoreboard. Most of these games were from the days of Atari and Intellivision where scores had to be confirmed and taped for review at Twin Galaxies. The issue here is that there have been a number of incidents that proved the scores Todd Rogers achieved were technically impossible. You can easily read quite a bit of controversy surrounding this gamer and his controversial accomplishments online.

#4 CSGO - Overwatch

CSGO has a plethora of players enjoying the game which can make flagging cheaters a bit difficult. This is where the developers brought on a new service called Overwatch in which players can help manage the ban hammer when a cheater is discovered. Only certain qualified players could review the different reports made online and from there they could deliver a temporary ban if they deem the report to be accurate. It's pretty nice knowing that some players can send out a cheater even if it's temporarily.

#3 CSGO - ESP Flex

Its one thing to get banned but it has to be embarrassing to get banned during a big match. During an ESEA livestream, a player named Flex was helping out the team ESP for the first couple of matches during the start of the new season. However, during the livestream tournament season match, Flex's account was banned leaving commentators and viewers wondering what happened.

The match was recorded by a viewer where it was later learned that Flex was using hacks earlier within the week. It seemed that the game servers registered the incidents during the match leaving ESP to be outnumbered at the start of their season.

#2 Titanfall

Titanfall had an interesting fix to the cheater problem the developers were flooded with. Instead of delivering the ban hammer to anyone caught with a hack or cheat, they simply moved them. Cheaters and hackers who were caught were no longer able to join normal online game matches, but instead were given access to lobbies that only had cheaters.

#1 League of Legends - Azubu Frost

As mentioned before, there is a lot of money and followers when it comes to MLG tournaments. Some of the best teams around the world match up and battle to win prize money and for the crowds watching, gameplay should be fair and strategic. That wasn’t the case for Azubu Frost during a League of Legends match.

Azubu Frost was a Korean team who was actually caught essentially looking at the other player’s screen. During the 2012 League of Legends World Championships, Azubu Frost was caught looking at a large screen above them for the audience viewing pleasure. The problem is that this screen showcased the location of the opposing team players. After they were caught, the team was fined $30,000.