Attack on Titan 2: How To Save All Allies | Game Guide

Throughout the narrative campaign in Attack on Titan 2, you’ll meet some allies that may perish. However, there are a means of saving them! In this latest guide, find out just how to save all of the allies that may have bitten the bullet a bit too early.

Likewise, if you save these allies, then you’ll be able to increase the relationship status and learn their skills which may be well worth going back to rescue these fallen heroes.

Note: In order to save allies, players must complete the campaign and then go back to the levels in which a character dies.

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Mina & Thomas

In order to save Mina and Thomas, players must go back to the First Battle level. You’ll need to run through the side missions until a yellow side mission unlocks. This mission will have players battling the Titans that would have killed the characters.

Ian & Mitabi

To save Ian and Mitabi, players will need to replay the Primal Roar level. Go through the side missions until a yellow flare appears. Head over to the area and defeat the Titans that are battling Ian and Mitabi.


Marco also appears in the Primal Roar level. Wait until the cutscene that features Levi ends then head to the yellow flare to save Marco from being killed by a Titan.

Levi Squad

When it comes to the Levi Squad, head to the Choices and Consequences level where you’ll need to escort Eren. During the escort, help the scout that requests your services and afterward you’ll see a yellow flare to help save the squad from an attack.


To save Miche, head to the Beast Titan level and clear out the green side missions. After you have successfully cleared the missions, a yellow flare will be sent out to rescue Miche from a Titan attack.

Gelgar & Nanaba

For Gelgar and Nanaba, replay the Utgard Castle level and build up bases as normal. During your builds, a yellow flare will appear for you to Gelgar and Nanaba. When you meet the duo, you’ll be requested to rescue the horses so you’ll need to keep them alive while Gelgar and Nanaba leave the area.


To save Hanes, players will need to go back to the level Charge and complete the green side missions. Afterward, a yellow flare will appear to help Hannes from Titan attacks.

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