Celeste: How To Get Every Crystal Heart | Blue & Red Heart Locations Guide

There’s nothing better than obtaining a heart — in Celeste, you’ll work your way through increasingly difficult platforming challenges as you climb an unforgiving mountain. The levels just keep getting tougher, but your final goal is the all-important Crystal Heart. You’ll get one for completing the game, but it just so happens that there are many more Crystal Hearts to uncover.

There are actually two different sets of Crystal Hearts; blue hearts and red hearts. You’ll earn a Steam Achievement for getting each heart, so if you’re one of those 100% completion types, this is where you’ll be able to track down the toughest-of-the-tough heart locations. Some of them are unlocked through completion, but some you’ll have to find.

How To Get Every Crystal Heart | Blue & Red Heart Locations Guide

There are a total of 8 Blue Hearts and 8 Red Hearts to unlock in Celeste. Here’s where to find them or how to unlock them.

  • One Blue Heart can be unlocked in every regular chapter.
  • One Red Heart is unlocked for completing each B-Side chapter.

Blue Heart #1: Chapter 1

During normal progress through Chapter 1, you’ll reach a screen with a large advertisement for watches. To the left, there’s a small area with a “Up” pointer sign hanging from the bottom of the blue-ice. Use the vertical platform to jump into the area above the sign, then jump left to reach a secret area.

Continue through the optional area, moving left, until you reach a tall antennae with a computer and lots of multi-colored birds flying around. On this screen, dash in this order: Up, Left, Down-Right, Up-Right, Left, Up-Left. The Blue Crystal will appear.

Blue Heart #2: Chapter 2

At the start of Chapter 2, dash up-right at the top-right edge of the first screen. While swapping screens, you can gain an extra dash. Dash up-left and up-right to dash infinitely up to reach the top of the castle area.

Blue Heart #3: Chapter 3

Around the middle-part of Chapter 3, you’ll have to help Mr. Oshiro clean his hotel. Go through the door to the right of the NPC. Travel right to the slime-like thing in the laundry room with the leaking water, the area where you’ll need to dash into a thing. When that’s done, climb up into a secret area above in the top-right corner.

Use this path to back-track to the start of the hotel where you met Theo. Reach the secret path in the top-right corner again to discover the Blue Heart.


Blue Heart #4: Chapter 4

Continue through Chapter 4 until you reach a small waterfall that pours into a pond in a corner. Dive into the water and swim right to find a room with a floating Strawberry inside. Dash into the wall to the right of the Strawberry to smash the secret breakable wall.

There’s a white platform ahead. This is a reference to Super Mario 3, and if you’re a fan of that game you know what to do — duck on the black while standing still for 10 seconds or so and you’ll fall through it.

Down below, simply climb up to reach the hidden Blue Heart.

Blue Heart #5: Chapter 5

After collecting the second key in Chapter 5, you’ll jump into a red portal and teleport to the locked door. Don’t use the key just yet. Instead, turn around and jump back into the red portal. While flying back, dash up and into a secret path that leads to another red portal.

Riding the next red bubble, continue to make normal progress until you discover a strange evil-eye in the background. Dash into the floor under the tentacle-eye thing that leads to a puzzle screen. Reach the end to get your Blue Heart.

Blue Heart #6: Chapter 6

This one is a little tricky. Get a Golden Feather around the middle of Chapter 6 and use it to reach the top-right of the screen with the large waterfall. On the high ledge, dash-down to smash through the floor and collect a second Golden Feather. Use it to reach yet another higher platform.

At the top, there’s another Golden Feather to collect. Grab it and fly left to a secret screen. Smash through the wall on the left with a dash to encounter a puzzle. There are four braziers in the room — to light them all up, you’ll need to dash in a specific order.

  • Sequence #1: Up, Left, Down, Down-Right, Up-Right, Left, Up-Left
  • Sequence #2: Up, Right, Down-Left, Up-Left, Right, Up-Right
  • Sequence #3: Down, Left, Up-Right, Down-Right, Left, Down-Left
  • Sequence #4: Down, Right, Up-Left, Down-Left, Right, Down-Right

Get all of them and the Blue Heart will appear.

Blue Heart #7: Chapter 7

This is the hardest Heart to collect. It appears at the end of Chapter 7, but you’ll need to find multiple hidden gems throughout the chapter to unlock the final screen we need to reach.

Gem #1: At the end of the first section, you’ll reach a purple orb. Jump across it to the upper-right corner to find the first gem.

Gem #2: In the room with the spiked floor and spiked walls on conveyor belts, there’s a tiny hole in the floor between the spikes you can hop into if you’re careful. It leads to a platforming challenge with a gem reward.

Gem #3: On the third sequence of the chapter, you’ll find strange galactic blocks. When jumping left, you’ll reach a screen with three of these blocks — two vertical, one horizontal above. Jump to the top block. Continue on up and reach the screen with two blocks and a small space between them. Cling to the left wall and dash through the breakable wall on the right. It leads to the gem.

Gem #4: When you enter the creepy hotel, look for an optional tiled exit in the bottom-right corner of the screen with multiple one-block columns. This leads to an optional platforming room that ends with a gem.

Gem #5: At the fifth section, right at the start, move left to an optional challenge. Through the screen, you’ll reach a gem.

Gem #6: The final gem is found in the last sequence of the chapter. At the start, hop into the red bubble and ride it left. As you enter another room, dash up into a second red portal. This leads to a secret room. Solve it and reach the end to get the final gem.

Finally, you’ll find the Blue Heart at Checkpoint 28. Dash under the narrow rock path to the right of the sign. In the room, you’ll see all the gems you’ve collected. If you got them all, the heart is your’s.

Blue Heart #8: Chapter 8

For completing the ‘regular’ Chapter 8, you’ll unlock the Blue Heart. Everyone that manages to reach the end of the game will get this heart.

Red Hearts #1-#8

And finally, you’ll earn one Red Heart for every B-Side Chapter you complete.