Dragon Ball FighterZ: How To Farm Zeni Fast | Farming Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest video game installment of the Dragon Ball franchise. The video game narrative follows a revived Android 16 who is in control of an army of Super Androids that take the shape of our beloved Z Fighters. Now the real Z Fighters will have to stop this Super Android army, the revived Android 16 along with a brand new Android 21 character.

Loot Crates has been a bit of controversial subject for gamers. The process to earn equipment has been compared to gambling especially with certain games offering players to purchase Loot Crates through real-world currency.

While Dragon Ball FighterZ has Loot Crates available, the means of acquiring them can be relatively easy thanks to the in-game currency, Zeni.

If you are looking to spend some in-game currency and need a hand on how to make Zeni fast then check out our guide below. We’ve listed out the best ways to farm for Zeni within Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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The first means of farming for Zeni is simply by completing tutorial missions. Each mission will bring in 300 Zeni and it’s also a great way to learn some quick useful tips when going through the video game.

Complete the Story

Naturally, as you likely suspected, completing the video game fully will also net you quite a bit of Zeni. You will find that the game will reward players a total of 200,000 Zeni just for finishing the main campaign and you can earn more Zeni by replaying the game in the newly unlocked Hard mode.

Arcade Mode

The arcade mode within the game is a solid means of earning up to 7,000 Zeni every time you complete the Snake Way Course. This can be a bit repetitive, but after so many tries, you should have no trouble going through the mode with ease.

Local Fights

Players can earn 300 Zeni from local matches and while its not very much, you can go through matches quickly if you have a spare controller.

Combo Challenges & Daily Quests

Make sure you’re keeping track of the various Combo Challenges as each one will bring players 5,000 Zeni. Likewise, you can also complete the Daily Quests and earn 2,000 Zeni.

Hard Mode Victory Zeni Up Level 6 Trick

Step #1

  • The best means of farming Zeni comes when players have successfully completed the main campaign and unlocked the Hard mode. During the Hard mode, players should go to Map 15 Arc-3 and pick up three of the Victory Zeni Up Level 6 skill drops from the enemies.

[Note: You’ll need at least 3 of the Victory Zeni Up Level 6 skill’s and they can be stacked.]

Step #2

  • Select the Map 13 from Arc-3 and go the match with Goku, Yamcha, and Piccolo. From there, players should retry the match continuously until they have gathered as much Zeni as they’d like. This particular match is simple to complete and with the skills, you’ll easily load up on Zeni.

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