Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How To Find All Superbosses | Post Game Guide

The vast titans of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 hide many secrets, but none are as challenging as the superbosses. These unique opponents, most of which only appear after you’ve started the final chapter, are impressively tough for even the most experienced players to take down. They’re also all located (mostly) in hidden areas. Finding them can be almost as tricky as actually defeating them.

With that in mind, we’re going to list where to find all 8 bosses that are level 100+. These guys are spread out, and defeating them will earn you some of the best rewards available in the game. I don’t personally recommend trying to fight them until after you’ve beaten the last boss — after that, you’ll be able to freely explore the world right before the finale.

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How To Find All Superbosses | Post Game Guide

Superbosses are special boss monsters that are level 100+. All but one superboss will only appear after you’ve reached the final chapter. Simply backtrack to the areas listed below to find and engage these titanic creatures. Make sure to bring your best team synergies if you want to survive.

  • Gladiator Orion – Lvl. 100
    • Location: Cliffs of Morytha, Hallowed Godswood Shrine – Found in the lower levels of the cliffs, near the Jubilee Gate. Appears on your first visit.
  • Reeking Douglas – Lvl. 104
    • Location: Gormott Province, Brigands’ Hideout – Found on the right side, on the upper level of the area.
  • Pernicious Benf – Lvl. 109
    • Location: Temperantia, The Aegishammer – Go to the far northeastern reaches of the island and look in the giant crater.
  • Cloud Sea King Ken – Lvl. 110
    • Location: Kingdom of Tantal, Central Ether Boulder – Found in the lower levels of Tantal.
  • Mk. VII Arek – Lvl. 114
    • Location: World Tree, Lvl. 4 Megrez – Backtrack to Level 4 of the World Tree dungeon to find this new boss.
  • Artifice Orion – Lvl. 117
    • Location: Cliffs of Morytha, Gotrock Oracle Ruins – Another location only found in the lower levels of the Cliffs of Morytha.
  • Chickenheart Dagmara – Lvl. 120
    • Location: Empire of Mor Ardain, Old Factory – Reach the lower levels of this interior dungeon, which will be filled with Lvl. 99 Drivers after reaching the final chapter.
  • Tyrannotitan Kurodil – Lvl. 130
    • Location: Temperantia, Profaned Place – A secret area found in the Central Plain of Temperantia. It isn’t too big — you’ll find the boss itself in a crater.