7 Most Elaborate Easter Eggs of All Time

There are a number of video games that feature some pretty tough to find Easter Eggs. They can be either hidden really well or even complex forcing gamers to work a little harder within the video game. However, in this particular list, we’re looking at the most elaborate Easter Eggs we’ve ever come across.

These are seven Easter Eggs that had players often times going out of the video game and working together. We even have one Easter Egg on our list that won’t be solved until the year 2113.

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth 109

Developer Edmund McMillen really loved messing with gamers and hiding secrets. The video game Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth contained an incredible Easter Egg that took players out of the game in a giant hunt.

The massive hunt consisted of players deciphering codes, maps, placing phone calls, and even digging into the ground in order for a new character to be released into the game. Luckily, this Easter Egg was a community focused event and not something everyone will have to complete on their own.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Moon

There’s a number of Easter Eggs that could be included in our list from the Zombies line of Call of Duty. In our list, we have selected the moon Easter Egg from the very first Call of Duty: Black Ops video game. You’ll find that the Easter Egg will actually cause players to complete other Easter Eggs within the game.

As to the norm, the Easter Egg is pretty complex with multiple players needed. You’ll find yourself playing a game of Simeon Says with computer terminals to knifing a floating ball just to activate a machine. However, the complexity of this Easter Egg has made each Call of Duty Zombies DLC a massive quest for players to figure out a means to trigger the grand event. In the case of the Moon Easter Egg, players will watch the Earth completely explode.

Shenmue 2 Duck Races

Going back to the launch of Shenmue 2, there’s a clever little Easter Egg for players to find, but as you can expect, this secret is well hidden. In the video game where players meet up with Fang, you can speak with two specific NPCs at the town square.

This will trigger a small little quest that has our protagonist finding a bronze medal and fighting off two NPCs for a chance to discover a secret betting parlor. The betting parlor is a bit unusual as players will betting on duck races. Taking things one step further, players can head back to the location where you learn to catch leaves. If you catch two leaves a duck feather will appear for you to catch as well.

That will lead to our protagonist catching the duck which was on top of the tree. Once caught, players can take control of that duck within the duck races.

Grand Theft Auto V Mount Chiliad

If you wander to the top of Mount Chiliad in Grand Theft Auto V you’ll spot a mural that is clearly marking somewhere of an importance. With an egg, jetpack, and lastly a UFO being displayed on the mural, the theories went rampant online.

Theories are still spreading online, but since its discovery, gamers found that they could find active UFO’s within the game after completing it a 100%. Perhaps more was planned through story DLC, but due to the popularity of GTA Online, story DLC is something we are probably never getting for the game.

Fez Red Cubes

Fez is a massively popular indie title and it already contains plenty of secrets within it, but we’re looking at the three red cubes Easter Egg. After completing the game, players can go back and solve three puzzles which appear as a red cube within certain points of the game. However, the real work behind finding these red cubes is where the Easter Egg begins.

Battlefield 4 DICE LA Camouflage 

Within the Dragon Valley map in Battlefield 4, there are seven hidden switches. They are extremely small and hard to find. Once you track down all seven switches and activate them you’ll be given a keypad and Morse code to decipher that will take players to other maps and deciphering, even more, Morse codes.

Doing that will give you a code to activate a specific time within a certain map on a particular game mode. After completing all of that, players will receive a special DICE LA camouflage option for their character.

Trials Fusion 2113

In the Trials Fusion game, there are a variety of wooden plans that have letters on them. You’ll have to hunt down where each wooden plank and acquire a long text of code. That code was later deciphered alerting players to input a specific code at a location within the game.

Doing that will trigger a song to play that can only be heard when the game’s volume is turned all the way down.  However, it doesn’t end there as gamers used spectral analysis to discover a Morse code that took players to a website.

On the website, images were posted that lead player to another series of images which was later to be discovered as coordinates to different locations around the world. When a gamer visited these areas they found a small treasure chest that contained a key and a message.

As it turns out, we’ll never know what those keys unlocked, but someone will. It seems that one of those keys will unlock something underneath the Eiffel Tower at a specific day during the year 2113. So it seems that this Easter Egg is something to be passed down for the next generations of gamers.