SNES Classic: Final Fantasy 3 – Save Everyone, Win Battles Easily & More | Secrets Guide

Whether you want to call it Final Fantasy 3 or Final Fantasy 6, this is a classic RPG and it’s included in the awesome SNES Classic Edition. Considered by many to be the very best in the series, this old-school adventure is jam-packed with secret stuff, and we’re going to go over (just about) all of it. From World of Ruin character locations, to saving certain characters from certain deserted islands, we’ll provide a quick course to refresh your memory.

Spoilers ahead! Okay, with that out of the way — after the evil clown-faced Kefka destroys the world, your party is scattered across the globe. Collecting them all, including a few secret characters, isn’t exactly super easy. At the climactic events before the end of the world, you can also lose the seminally super-cool ninja Shadow. After it all comes crashing down, you’ll have to take care of the elderly Cid, who’s dying — you can save both Shadow and Cid with the right know-how.

We’ll also reveal a super-easy way to kill 95% of all enemies and bosses. Check it all out below. For all the info you need about this tiny console, check out our SNES Classic Edition complete feature breakdown here.

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Character Locations & Secrets Guide

Final Fantasy 3 (or 6) is a long game. It’s full of secret stuff that’s worth exploring. We’re going to tackle everything major you absolutely need with a quick overview.

  • How To Save Shadow
    • Wait until the last 5 seconds before leaving the floating island.
  • How To Save Cid
    • Catch only the fast fish and feed them to Cid.
      • The fast fish are healthy, the slow fish are sick!

How To Kill All Enemies (And Most Bosses) Instantly

Play until you unlock the Vanish and Doom (or X-Zone) spells. Doom, normally, has a very low chance of killing enemies and an incredibly low chance of killing bosses.

  1. Cast Vanish on your target.
  2. Cast Doom on your target.

Voila! It’s just that easy. This isn’t just for killing normal enemies, oddly enough, it works on most bosses too.

World of Ruin – Party Locations

After the world is destroyed, your party spreads to the wind. Visit the following locations to start up quests that lead to your old party (and new characters) rejoining you. The more characters you have, the easier Kefka’s Tower will be.

  1. Sabin
    • Location: Tzen
    • Go to Duncan’s House, northeast of Narshe to learn Sabin’s most powerful move, Bum Rush.
  2. Terra
    • Location: Mobliz
    • Terra will join you after returning to Mobliz. Bring Locke with you after completing Pheonix Cave and defeat the boss. Terra will join your team permanently.
  3. Edgar
    • Location: Nikeah
    • Talk to the bandit gang in the café. Follow on the boat to South Figaro, then talk to “Gerad” again. Go to Figaro Cave and complete the quest in Figaro Castle.
  4. Setzer
    • Location: Kohlingen
    • Talk to Setzer in the café, and complete his quest in Darill’s Tomb.
    • Complete the quest to earn a new airship — the Falcon.
  5. Mog
    • Location: Narshe
    • Go to the Mines and find Moogle Cave to find Mog.
  6. Gogo
    • Location: Northeast Desert Island
    • Go to the triangle-shaped Desert Island in the northeast corner of the map.
    • Fight a random battle against the Zone Eater enemy. Let the enemy use “Engulf” to enter a strange dungeon. Complete the dungeon to gain the master of disguise Gogo.
  7. Cyan
    • Location: Zozo
    • Purchase Rust-Rid from the man standing outside the inn, then use it to open the door upstairs in the café. Complete Mt. Zozo.
    • To get all of Cyan’s Sword Techs, travel to Doma Castle and complete the dream to defeat Wrexsoul. You’ll also find the Alexander Esper.
  8. Gau
    • Location: Veldt
    • Travel to the Veldt with only three characters in your party. Wait for Gau to use Leap and he’ll join you.
  9. Shadow / Relm
    • Location: Veldt Cave
    • Enter the cave in the Veldt, where Crescent Mountain was once located. Take the north path and use the switch south of the secret passage to unlock the path. Make sure to grab the “Striker” in the cave.
      • If you waited for Shadow, he will be located in the cave.
      • If you did not wait for Shadow, Relm will be here.
    • Shadow will wait to recuperate. Travel to the Coliseum and wager the Striker to fight Shadow. Beat him and he’ll join permanently.
  10. Relm
    • Location: Jidoor, Owzer’s Mansion
    • Complete the spooky painting dungeon and Relm will join your party.
  11. Strago
    • Location: Fanatics’ Tower
    • Enter the tower with the Airship. If Relm is in your party, Strago will immediately join.
  12. Locke
    • Location: Ebot’s Rock
    • Go to Thamasa to complete a quest with Strago, then travel up to Ebot’s Rock. Strago will brag to Gungho, then plan to travel to Phoenix Cave. It’s in the mountains directly north of Kefka’s Tower. Complete Phoenix cave to get Locke.
  13. Umaro
    • Location: Narshe
    • Enter the Narshe Mines and go explore in the area where the party encountered Kefka much earlier in the game. Defeat the Ice Dragon, Tritoch, and drop into Umaro’s Cave.