Darkest Dungeon – Crimson Court: Achievements Guide | Achievements & Trophies Guide

The Darkest Dungeon recently just received its first DLC known as The Crimson Court. Players are introduced to a new parallel campaign with new quests, the Flagellant class, the Courtyard location, and of course a slew of new bosses to defeat.

Currently, the DLC is only available for PC, MAC, and Linux users though a release is slated to launch for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as well.

For now, take a look at the available achievements players can unlock while progressing through The Crimson Court DLC. Likewise, take a look at our guide on how to defeat all the bosses in the latest DLC release right here.


The Flesh is Willing

  • Recruit A Flagellant
    • Players must recruit a Flagellant through stage coach.


  • Get Infected By The Crimson Curse
    • Get infected through fighting a Esquires or Sycophants within the first area of the Courtyard.

Happy Together

  • Complete Your First Trinket Set
    • Track down matching trinkets located on the nomad’s wagon.

From Rubble To Rabble

  • Build Your First District Building
    • Receive blueprint after completing a quest. This will allow players to gain access to District buildings.

The Red Hook

  • Build The Red Hook
    • The District building requires blueprint, 750 crests, along with 25,000 gold.

An Unexpected Party

  • Collect The Invitation
    • Invitations will drop when battling Castellans on the Baron quest.

Les Jeus Sont Faits

  • Defeat The Baron
    • Players must defeat the Baron boss within a Crimson Court quest.

Just The Cheque

  • Defeat The Viscount
    • Players must defeat the Viscount boss within a Crimson Court quest.

Her Last Dance

  • Defeat The Countess
    • Players must defeat the Countess boss within a Crimson Court quest.


  • Lose A Hero To Wasting Away From The Curse
    • Refuse to feed a cursed hero blood.

Shadows Blur Together

  • Kill an Ally While Under The Curse
    • Simply refuse to heal a party and wait on a cursed ally.

What Strange Bedfellows

  • Contract The Crimson Curse Via Contagion
    • There’s a chance two heroes will share curse when in the same building.

Zealous Accusation

  • Defeat The Fanatic
    • The more cursed heroes in your party the better chance you’ll have to enter the random Fanatic battle.


  • Rescue Someone
    • Connected to a quest.


  • Have Your Entire Roster Affected By The Crimson Curse
    • Continue to swap our heroes to assure they all eventually get hit with the curse.

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