Sons of Anarchy Game to be Released on Consoles

The FX series will be turned into a videogame.

Sons of Anarchy

While there was initial excitement for a videogame adaption of FX's Sons of Anarchy, that died down when word broke it would be a simple browser-based add-on.

Well, plans have changed. The game is now set to be a console outing according to the show's creator, Kurt Sutter. He tweeted:

"[Sons of Anarchy] game update. Had a great meeting with a big distributor yesterday. Myself and everyone at FX and Fox is committed to making this happen.

Yes, we definitely wanna do a real game. Console based. Not some slapcrap browser MP thing. It'll take awhile, but it's the right way to go."

Specifics (like the development team or the distributor mentioned) are, of course, not yet available.

via GameSpot