Capcom Predicts Sales Regarding Their Own Upcoming Titles

Oh, Capcom – you are so silly sometimes.

Oh, Capcom – you are so silly sometimes.

What have they done this time? They have predicted their own sales numbers, that’s what.

By their calculations, Resident Evil 6 will sell at least seven-million copies when it releases later this year on October 2nd. This number is not inclusive of sales from the game’s upcoming PC release.

They have also predicted that Ninja Theory’s DMC reboot will sell just two-million, which may tick some diehard fans off. Many believe Devil May Cry is a much larger entity within the gaming realm – even I do to some extent! However, at least they are being realistic. It is a reboot, and well, reboots sometimes struggle to get off the ground at first.

Also reported on were predictions concerning Dragon’s Dogma and Lost Planet 3, who are expected to sell 1.5 million and 1.4 million, respectively; modest numbers for such large and well-marketed titles.

Via VG247