Dead Space 3 Devs Want 60FPS, Cutting Edge Graphics in Next-Gen Consoles

The developers of Dead Space want better hardware on next-gen consoles.

Dead Space 2

Speaking to 360 Magazine, Visceral Games' Steve Papoutsis shared his team's thoughts on what they wanted out of a next-generation console. The team is currently working on Dead Space 3, which has yet to be officially unveiled.

He first explained that he wanted game installations to be a lot more hassle-free than they are at the present.

"I'd love the convenience of installing your games like you do now but making that process automatic, as I want to avoid having to change discs," he said. "Microsoft has made a lot of nice improvements to the dashboard over the years so I'm expecting an even more refined and streamlined user interface for people to interact with when checking out stuff on the marketplace."

He further elucidated upon his team's technical wants and wishes for the next-gen. While the onus is on the developers for delivering a fluid framerate, the developer nonetheless expressed that the hardware would have to be of the cutting edge to cope with their demands.

"I'm hoping the next Xbox will be up to speed with the cutting edge PCs of today," he said. "I'm looking for 60 FPS gameplay across the board with outstanding visuals and more processing power for physics."

"In terms of features, I hope the new system will always be on and connected, because it would be awesome to have games load up super-fast and take me back to where I was the last time I played."

The rest of the interview can be found here.