Google Gearing Up For Big Things in the Gaming Space

So, finally, it looks like Google will be attempting to unify the gaming sections of its company and competition.

Google+ Product Manager Punit Soni suggested that Google plans to unify its various game platforms at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference by saying, “Next year, we will not be here talking about Google+ Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native Client and Android Games, we will be talking about Google games.”

What does this mean for Google? It could pertain to a host of things: possible entry into the console market, exclusive/flagship titles, and much more. The fact they are wanting to bring all their resources together says something about the gaming space; if Google is having to shift its business policy, you know competition is getting more fierce than ever.

Sony continues by saying that while unbeknownst to the public, Google has been working to improve the Google+ platform’s gaming tools since launch. Yesterday’s release of Google Play seems to be proof of the new policies flowing around the Google offices. This new service will become the single destination for every bit of the company’s purchasable content.

The tactics with which Google+ will tackle its competitors is still a mystery, but with all of the fantastic, unique, and powerful technology behind Google’s doors – we here at Gameranx imagine quite a powerful reentry into the realm of video games, but you be the judge: comment below with your thoughts and argument!