XCOM Shooter Delayed to 2013

The XCOM FPS from 2K Marin is delayed to 2013.

2K Marin’s FPS adaptation of XCOM was planned for release this year, but it looks like unforeseen circumstances (the Half-Life 2: Episode 2 kind) have delayed the game by a year.

Despite a decent showing at last year’s E3, the shooter will be getting pushed back—probably to make way for the recently-announced XCOM: Enemy Unknown reboot by Civilization developer Firaxis.

The good news is that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is still set for release this year, so we’ll have at least one XCOM game to play with.

It’s probably a good thing, as I doubt anyone at 2K would want the public to confuse the two games given their similarity in name and the fact that they share a franchise. If anything, it’ll give us more time to savor Firaxis’s take on the game before we delve into the shooter whenever it comes out next year.

Thanks Dave @ Kotaku.