Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta to Launch Nov. 30th

Get ready to lock and load on November 30th!

Were you one of the few fortunate people who got their hands on a closed beta key for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? No? Well, me too. But for those who did, the date for its commencement has been released by Valve! The announcement was made via a tweet:

"The beta will be active for all current key holders starting Wed November 30th. #CSGO"

The many gamers who did not recieve a beta key will be itching to play the sequel; however, Valve has stated that there is set date for an open beta.

I have a soft spot Counter-Strike myself, as some of my fondest, and most frustrating, gaming moments come from that franchise. I think it was 3rd on my 'priority list' during my University days, beer taking the number 1 spot.