Rumor: 3DS Firmware Update to Unlock More Processing Power

Nintendo is allegedly planning to give developers access to some of the system’s second core, which is currently reserved for the OS.

If rumors originating from French news site Gamekyo are to be believed, Nintendo may have found a way to unlock additional processing power from the 3DS, allowing for better optimized games.

The handheld features a dual core processor, but games are currently only allowed access to a single core, with the other being reserved for the 3DS's operating system. According to this latest report, Nintendo will update the system to allow developers to access a quarter of the second core's processing power, paving the way for more ambitious projects.

Furthermore, the rumor indicates that Nintendo has also discovered a way to reduce the CPU overhead required to display stereoscopic imagery, meaning that even more power will be freed up by the new firmware.

Such a move wouldn't be unprecendented in the handheld market, nor would it be entirely unexpected. Back in 2007, Sony pushed a update to the PSP that upped the clock speed on the processor by more than 25%. In the next few months, the 3DS will face stiff competition from the more powerful PlayStation Vita, so it's reasonable that Nintendo would be looking for ways to close that technological gap.