Thatgamecompany’s Journey Release Dated for Spring 2012

The intriguing PSN title from Thatgamecompany now has a tentative release window in the spring of 2012

journey ps3

After a successful closed beta testing period, TGC’s online adventure game finally gets a release window for when it might find its way in our hands.

“Like all our games, Journey is an experiment," said Jenova Chen from Thatgamecompany. The concept of the game is certainly different than most we have seen of online games: you play as an adventurer on a journey towards the mountain you see at the horizon. On the way, if you play online, you will find other players you can help on the trek.

Standard communication options need not apply though: Journey will keep the identities of the players you meet secret and a chatting system is entirely omitted, save for a wordless shout. The game’s idea is novel, as is to be expected from the developers that brought us Flower.

Journey is now slated for release in Spring 2012 for the PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation Network.